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Indoor steam saunas are often used for relaxation and therapy. They also offer quite a few bonus benefits as well. Studies have shown that a sauna is amazingly therapeutic for your body. From helping with mental health issues, such as Alzheimer's, to healing sore muscles, your health is sure to benefit.

As you begin to use your sauna, you might have questions about how you can bring healthcare into your routine. You might wonder if your heart and lungs can actually benefit from using your sauna. You will notice that after your sessions, your lungs will feel clearer and you will have the ability to breathe deeper. 

You may also have questions about using the sauna to rid your body of toxins, which is in fact possible through detoxification. Perhaps you wish to use steam therapy to take better care of your skin. Following simple preparation steps before relaxing, such as exfoliation, leads to clear, clean pores. 

To give you a clear picture of the many advantages, here are 6 benefits of the indoor steam sauna for your health.

Are Saunas Healthy?

When practiced in moderation, sauna use is very healthy for your body. For example, one study done by scientists showed that 100 people with cardiovascular issues saw a decrease in blood pressure due to sauna use.

Sauna sessions can even get rid of up to one-third of your body’s toxins, giving your kidneys a much-needed break. Your health will begin to improve in several various ways.

6 Health Benefits of Indoor Sauna Use 

While overindulging in sauna use can cause dehydration, truthfully the host of benefits outweigh the risk. In fact, a routine sauna session is one of the only methods that can positively affect your whole body with each visit. Here is a deeper look at the many ways relaxing in your sauna can improve your health. 

Better Blood Pressure & Heart Function

One of the health benefits of sauna use is the improved function of your heart. When your body deals with high levels of heat, your heart rate speeds up. Your blood flow experiences regulation due to the increase of your heart rate. 

In fact, sauna use is so good for your heart that it is even compared to exercise. Here are a few ways that your heart health will improve by using your sauna:

  • Decrease in high blood pressure
  • Decrease in risk of cardiovascular disease
  • Less artery stiffness 
  • Lipid profiles experience positive changes 

Improved Lung Capacity

The steam from your sauna will help air circulate through your lungs better. There is an increase in their overall capacity as well. Sauna use is perfect for helping you if you happen to suffer from any of the following: 

  • Bronchitis,
  • Asthma, 
  • COPD, 
  • complications from the common cold, 
  • or any other health problems that may cause issues with breathing properly.

Here is how your sauna will improve the health of your lungs and respiratory system:

  • Help with fighting and preventing pneumonia
  • Improved drainage of the lungs
  • Less inflammation
  • Help with fighting and preventing the common cold, flu, and other viruses
  • Increase in vital capacity
  • Better forced expiratory volume
  • Better ventilation 
  • Help with fighting and preventing upper respiratory tract infections 

Stronger Immune System

Another one of the indoor sauna’s health benefits is a stronger, more prepared immune system. Bacteria, viruses, and many other harmful diseases cannot function when they are exposed to high heat. This is why your sauna is ideal for combatting nasty illnesses. 

Here’s how your immune system reacts to sauna use:

  1. Heat levels within your sauna increase, which makes your body temperature rise as well. 
  2. Your body begins to believe that it has a fever. This makes your immune system prepare to combat the “illness.”
  3. Your bone marrow and thymus work together to increase your white blood cell count. 
  4. These supercells work together to get rid of any unwanted bacteria and infection. 

Your antibodies may even see an increase of up to 2,000 percent, making your sauna perfect for assistance with fighting off the common cold.  


Every day, your body takes in toxins. These chemicals can come from your cosmetics, foods, and other various methods. They gather in your bloodstream and fat cells. Your kidneys become responsible for dealing with the aftermath.

From cancer, fibromyalgia, and arthritis, to autism and Alzheimer’s disease, these toxic chemicals wreak havoc on the body. When your body flushes out these chemicals, the process is known as detoxification.

Many healthcare practitioners swear by this method, claiming that it is one of the most effective, powerful ways to heal the body. Here is more information on detoxing:

  • Scientists prove that your body gets rid of harmful substances, such as mercury, lead, and cadmium, better by way of sweat than urine or blood. 
  • Sauna use helps your body get rid of the following:
  • Organic chemicals
  • Solvents
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Heavy Metals
  • PCBs

Skin Care 

Another one of the health benefits of sauna versus hot tub, or other heated relaxation tools, is its positive effect on your skin. If you are looking for ways to work towards a refreshed, youthful glow, your sauna is the best place to begin. 

The steam from your sauna works to promote a clear, toned appearance. Your skin will improve with regular sauna use in the following ways:

  • Gradual decrease in acne
  • Removal of dead skin
  • Lowered sebum levels
  • Increase in collagen 
  • Rejuvenation of pores
  • Better circulation
  • Works to rid your skin of:
    • Boils
    • Pimples
    • Inflammation
    • Blackheads & Whiteheads

Better Sleep 

Your sauna will also contribute to you enjoying a peaceful slumber nightly. Here’s how the process works:

  • A process known as thermoregulation works by controlling the temperature of your body. This process also helps cool the body down before bed.
  • The body creates melatonin, a hormone that is vital in helping you fall asleep, as this happens.
  • The body relaxes and heats up during your sauna session. Afterward, it will cool down on its own. This shifts your body temperature and signals you internally that it is time for bed. 

You can add various accessories to get the most out of your sleep routine. For example, Himalayan salt enhances sauna sessions. It relaxes the body and promotes deep, uninterrupted sleep. 

The Almost Heaven Hillsboro 2-Person Indoor Sauna + Backlit Himalayan Salt is wonderful for achieving soothing, invigorating sessions followed by a good night’s rest.


You will enjoy several health benefits from using an indoor steam sauna. Your relaxation tool helps your heart grow stronger due to increased heart rate. Each session also helps with regulating your blood flow. As you relax in your new purchase, your lungs' airways become clearer, which allows you to breathe easier. Regular sauna use will help you fight off respiratory-related illnesses with ease.

Your sauna will also help your immune system grow stronger, making it better prepared to fight off harmful bacteria and viruses. If you need help flushing out nasty toxins that your body absorbs daily, your sauna has you covered. Not only will your body reap these amazing benefits as you relax, but you will wake up refreshed and rejuvenated each morning after your session.

For more information on the many health benefits of the indoor sauna continue to trust the experts here at My Sauna World.