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 The indoor home sauna is currently at the forefront of wellness and weight loss trends. Both celebrities and everyday people contribute to the 50% increase in the popularity of the sauna. This is since the first initial outbreak of COVID-19. Of course, this increase in popularity makes sense because science proves that the sauna is perfect for strengthening your immune system. It is also great for helping you shed those extra quarantine pounds.

This may have you wondering if your sauna can assist you with your own personal weight loss goals. You could have questions about how your sauna can help you transform into a fitter, healthier you. You might even have concerns about the fastest way to lose weight with your sauna and if it is healthy for your body.

To assist you with your wellness and weight loss journey, here are a few effective tips on losing weight with your home sauna. 

Do Saunas Help You Lose Weight?

Using your sauna will help you lose weight gradually. You must keep in mind that you will not see dramatic, life-changing results right away. Instead, you will notice that your body experiences healthy changes over time. 

You will notice that your workout will become easier once your muscles have had the chance to relax, leading to the loss of unwanted pounds. Even being less stressed will help your body get rid of extra weight. There are several factors that will contribute to your weight loss:

How Your Indoor Home Sauna Helps with Weight Loss

At first, you might not even notice how your sauna helps you heal. Your body will begin to rejuvenate at a faster rate than it would on its own. Here are a few ways that your sauna will help you with your weight loss goals:

1. More Effective Workout

If you already have an exercise routine that works for your body, you know that after your muscles are often left tense. They feel sore and overworked. Using your sauna causes your muscles to relax. Which will allow you to head back to the gym sooner. You will notice that you can work out more as well.

You will also see that working out with a refreshed, rejuvenated body gives the best results. You will be able to work out longer and with more intensity. Here are a few other ways your workout will improve due to sauna use:

  • Your breathing capacity increases. This allows your lungs to hold in more air for longer periods of time.
  • The function of your respiratory system strengthens.
  • Vasodilators cause your blood vessels to dilate. As a result, your blood flow increases.

2. Stress Level Reduction

Dozens of scientific studies prove that weight loss and high-stress levels link to one another. Here’s how exposure to dangerous stress levels makes weight loss difficult:

  • The increase in tension within your body causes you to eat more, making it hard to shed calories.
  • Your cortisol levels are higher, which makes weight loss even harder to achieve.
  • Higher cortisol levels also equal higher insulin levels. This makes your blood sugar lower. As a result, your body craves unhealthy foods.
  • High-stress situations make falling asleep difficult. 
  • Lack of sleep causes your body to produce more ghrelin, a hormone that lets your body know when it is time to eat. You also produce less leptin, a hormone that tells your body to stop eating.

Your body’s autonomic nervous system gives off sympathetic dominance when you are under high-stress situations. Even in circumstances that are not stressful, your body might release adrenaline and cortisol. For example, hearing an alarm clock or driving in traffic could result in this.

Shifting your body from “high alert” back to normal on your own can be difficult.

  • If your body stays in this mode, it will not regenerate your cells properly.
  • The lack of activity within your cells makes it difficult for your body to turn your food into the energy you need.

Using your sauna will help you lower your stress levels in several ways. For example:

  • Your energy conversion rate will improve. This makes letting go of unused calories of fat a lot easier.
  • The sauna is perfect for meditation. It encourages uninterrupted moments of reflection.
  • You can relax without any interruptions or distractions from the outside world.
  • Endorphins release and contribute to feelings of happiness and peace.
  • Tension and uneasy feelings of discomfort release during your sessions.

Fastest Way to Lose Weight In Sauna

The easiest way to lose weight fast by way of sauna is through getting rid of excess water weight. While sweating during your session, water weight reduces as you lose fluids. When properly hydrated, you can lose up to 5 pounds in one sitting. Remember that this is simply a quick fix. As your hydration levels go back to normal, the water weight will come back.  

Benefits of Water Weight Reduction 

There are a few scenarios where losing water weight with your sauna would greatly benefit you. For example:

  • Athletes often lose extra water weight for weigh-in purposes.
  • If you happen to have an event coming up, losing water weight will help you fit your chosen outfit with ease. 
  • If your career has weight requirements for appearance or agility purposes, such as modelling, getting rid of a few pounds overnight can be a lifesaver.  
  • You can also lose weight through water reduction for insurance purposes. 

Other Effective Methods for Weight Loss with Your Sauna

If you are looking for a more permanent method for weight management, your indoor home sauna kit also helps your body flush out harmful substances. You will experience an increase in your metabolism as well. 


Whether through food, makeup, or other everyday substances, we are constantly exposed to toxins. Harmful heavy metals such as zinc, lead, and copper gets into your bloodstream daily. 

Most normal day to day routines will not require you to exert a lot of energy. If you do not find other ways to produce sweat, you can use detoxification to help rid your body of these unwanted substances. 

Here’s how detoxing helps you lose weight:

  • Causes your body to burn fat effectively
  • Increases your energy levels
  • Clears your lymphatic system, 
  • Speeds up your rate of weight loss


Scientific studies show that when you use your sauna, your body experiences the same effects of a high energy workout. Your heart rate increases and your core temperature rises. As a result, your metabolism will increase. Here’s how your sauna helps with weight loss when it comes to your metabolism: 

  1. As you relax in your sauna, the temperature gradually gets hotter. 
  2. Your body starts working to keep your core temperature regulated. 
  3. As your body works internally, your heart rate begins to increase. 
  4. This increase in heart rate, which can be up to 30% higher, gives your metabolism a boost as well. 
  5. During, and even after, your sauna session, your metabolic rate increases by up to 20%.
  6. When your metabolism is higher, you burn more calories. 

Best Indoor Home Sauna for Weight Loss

Through countless studies and years of research, scientists confirm that infrared saunas are best if you want to lose weight fast. For example, if you plan on relaxing alone or with your spouse, you may pick a smaller sauna. The Almost Heaven Hampton 2-Person Hybrid Sauna is a great example. If you decide to include the whole family or a few friends in your sessions, you could opt for a slightly larger version. The Almost Heaven Newport 4-Person Hybrid Sauna delivers on size and quality.

Here’s how the infrared sauna helps you get rid of those unwanted extra pounds:

Your Sauna & Your Endocrine System

If you have tried to diet and exercise with little results, you should consider the endocrine system. It could be a contributing factor to your issues. Your endocrine system houses your adrenal, pituitary, thyroid, and parathyroid glands. They are also responsible for keeping your metabolism intact.

When you have excess fat on your stomach or lower back regions, there is a chance that changing your workout and eating habits will not be as effective because of your endocrine system. Infrared sauna use could be the key to achieving long term weight loss goals. This is because of your sauna's ability to cause your body to produce more mitochondria.

These organelles give your cells the power they need to operate. Here’s how it works:

  1. Your sauna’s infrared waves penetrate your body during each therapeutic session.
  2. The function of your mitochondria boosts as a result.
  3. ATP production increases as well. This makes it easier for your body to convert energy as needed.
  4. Your metabolism begins to increase.
  5. Your sauna causes your body to leave stress response mode. Your endocrine system begins to heal.

Your Sauna & Muscle Building

As you relish in your sweet, relaxing escape, every session causes your body to produce Human Growth Hormones (HGH). These hormones help your body gain lean muscle mass. Your fatty tissues decrease as well. 

Infrared saunas are best for making your body’s core temperature increase. This is because infrared waves focus on heating the body directly instead of the entire room. Here’s how your sauna tricks your body into producing more HGH:

  1. Your sauna heats up, causing your core temperature to elevate.
  2. Radiant heat comes from infrared rays as you relax.
  3. These rays penetrate the top layer of your epidermis, then travel to your soft tissue.
  4. Your molecules have biochemical reactions due to the rise in temperature.
  5. The increase in your body’s internal temperature makes your body produce more HGH.
  6. Your muscle to fat ratio gradually changes, giving your body a more toned, lean appearance.

3 Tips for Safe Weight Loss in Sauna 

Before you begin using your sauna for weight loss, you should always practice safety first. Here are 3 tips to help you properly care for your body before each session: 

1. Do Not Use Sauna Before Exercise 

  • Using your sauna after exercise is ideal. On the other hand, using it before your workout session can cause your body harm. 
  • You may experience dehydration or hyponatremia because of too much sweating. 
  • Your muscle may become strained, causing injury. 
  • You could experience fainting or spells of dizziness.
  • Your body is very relaxed after your session. This would make jumping straight into an intense workout difficult. 

2. Avoid Dehydration 

As mentioned earlier, using your sauna will cause you to lose water weight. As you sweat, you release bad toxins, but also important minerals as well. This is why proper hydration is important. 

  • Drink a full glass of water before you begin your session. 
  • Electrolyte-rich sports drinks, such as Powerade or Gatorade, are perfect for helping you rehydrate. You also replace lost electrolytes. 
  • If you do not drink enough fluids, you could put your body at risk for dehydration. This means your body has lost fluid without putting it back. 
    • If your body does not have enough water, it cannot perform the simple processes that you need to function.

  • You could also experience hyponatremia if you are not properly hydrated. This happens when your body does not have enough sodium in your bloodstream. 

3. Work Your Way Up to Longer Sessions 

Of course, you would not attempt to run a 5K marathon without the proper training and preparation. The same goes for sauna use. The goal is to gradually increase the length of time that your body is able to tolerate high temperatures. 

  • Start with a short 5-minute session if your body is sensitive to heat. 
  • Try increasing to two or three 15-20 minute sessions a week. 
  • As your sauna becomes familiar to your body, daily sessions will eventually be easy and enjoyable. 
  • Your comfort level matters most. Tolerance varies from person to person. 


In short, your sauna is an amazing tool for helping you lose weight. Not only are you able to work out longer and harder, but your stress levels lower as well. Less stress makes losing weight much easier. If you are looking for a quick way to lose weight, your sauna can help you shed water weight. You can lose up to 5 pounds per sitting. 
Your sauna will also help you drop extra pounds through detox and higher metabolism. The best type of sauna to help you lose weight fast is the infrared sauna. It boosts your endocrine system and helps you build muscle mass. For a safe, healthy session, remember not to use your sauna before a workout. Drink plenty of fluids and gradually increase the amount of time you use yoursauna.