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You have made the wise decision to buy an indoor traditional sauna for a dose of therapy at home. After all, what better way to boost your immune system, detox your body, and work on weight loss all at the same time?

Of course, you wish to get the most bang for your buck. This leads to curiosity about which features you should include. Your goal is to take your blissful moments of relaxation to the next level. 

Should you throw in a few aromatics, essential oils? These oils are often added to boost relaxation and therapy, such as during a massage or sauna session. They are great for soothing your muscles and helping your mood as your relish in your sweet escape.

Should you add a floor kit? Of course, if you want the bottom of your sauna to have the same luxurious appearance as the rest of the design. Sauna users often add a floor kit so that their sauna displays a more cohesive look.

Is it possible to change the overall ambiance as your body benefits from the healing effects of steam therapy? The mood that you set as you relax is very important as well. With a little lighting customization, anything is possible.

For a closer look at a few add-ons to include, here are 9 must-have features you should consider when choosing an indoor traditional sauna.

What You Should Look For When Buying an Indoor Sauna 

The Correct Sauna Size

One of the first sauna features to consider is the size. If you are planning to relax with family and friends, you want to be sure that your sauna is big enough. Everyone will need to move about and sit comfortably. If you plan on slipping into pure bliss alone, choosing a smaller sauna will save space and suit your needs better. 

a. 1-Person Sauna

  • Smallest sauna size available 
  • Perfect for tight corners and saving space in your home 
  • Easily put together by 2 people
  • Example: Almost Heaven Logan 1-Person Indoor Sauna 

b. 2-Person Sauna

  • Perfect for steam therapy with your spouse, close friend, or beloved family member 
  • Example: Almost Heaven Hampton 2-Person Hybrid Sauna
  • Can function as an infrared sauna or an indoor traditional sauna  
  • Comes with Bluetooth audio & soft, inviting LED lighting 

c. 2-3 Person Sauna

  • Saves space while also allowing you to include a few friends and family members
  • Gives the feel of traditional indoor sauna bathing 
  • Example: Almost Heaven Madison 2-3 Person Indoor Sauna
  • Free-standing design 

d. 4-Person Sauna

e. 4-6 Person Sauna 

  • Comes with multi-level seating and a retractable bench 
  • Allows you to relax with a small group 
  • Balance of horizontal & vertical lines gives an aesthetically pleasing effect 
  • Example: Almost Heaven 4 to 6 Person Indoor Sauna 

f. 6-8 Person Sauna

  • Largest sauna size available 
  • Allows up to 8 people to comfortably move around and relax
  • The lower platform can also serve as a “cool-down” area
  • Example: Almost Heaven Olympus 6-8 Person Indoor Sauna

Therapeutic Sauna Parts & Accessories 

There are also sauna features that boost your health even more. Sauna use is amazing for relieving tense, tired muscles. Steam therapy also heals both your immune and cardiovascular systems. Sauna fans and experts both say that there are other effective ways to enjoy these perks.  

1. Aromatherapy Essential Oils

The use of aromatherapy for its medicinal properties is a practice that is centuries old. Many cultures, such as Egyptian, Greek, and Chinese, still extract essential oils. These oils come from aromatic plants.

In 1937, doctors and nurses started using lavender essential oils for burn victims. The term ‘aromatherapy’  then came to be. To this day, we continue to use the word. Here are a few benefits of using aromatherapy essential oils:

  • Pain reduction
  • Sleep improvement
  • Depression prevention
  • Stress management 
  • Muscle relaxation

Here are a few of the essential oils and how they can benefit your health:


  • Known for relaxing properties
  • Assists with insomnia
  • Lowers stress levels
  • Reduces anxiety 
  • Soothes tense muscles 
  • Offers a sweet, gently floral scent 


  • Known for being a natural stimulant
  • Perfect for helping you start your day off  rejuvenated 
  • Provides small bursts of energy
  • Great for assisting with respiratory issues
  • Provides a refreshing, minty scent 


  • Similar to eucalyptus oil 
  • Known for helping with awareness and focus
  • Fights inflammation when combined with eucalyptus and lemon oils 
  • Fights bacteria and enhances your mood
  • Has a fresh, outdoor woodsy scent 


  • Known for cooling and soothing 
  • Also restores energy and ideal for morning relaxation
  • Great for pain relief and reducing inflammation
  • Relieves headaches and tension within your neck, back, and shoulders 
  • Gives off an invigorating minty scent


  • Known for assisting with effective skincare
  • Behaves as an antiseptic and natural detoxifier 
  • Works wonders for unclogging pores, making skin tighter, and getting rid of wrinkles
  • Use white vinegar and water to help clean your sauna 
  • Leaves the scent of citrus behind 

Ylang Ylang

  • Known for boosting your mood
  • Helps with stress & pain  relief 
  • Reduces sadness & depression 
  • Acts as a natural antiseptic 
  • Has a flowery, springtime smell 


  • Known for stress relief
  • Soothes & reduces anxiety
  • Works well for curing irritation and inflammation of the skin
  • Acts as a natural detoxifier & astringent 
  • Leaves a comforting balsam scent lingering 


  • Wonderful for improving respiratory health
  • Clears airways & improves lung capacity
  • Assists with cold & flu symptoms, as well as allergies
  • Works to strengthen your immune system
  • The fragrance offers a mixture of sweet citrus & pine 


  • Most common essential oil used in traditional Finnish saunas 
  • Also great for cleaning and sanitizing 
  • Provides the prevention of fungus and bacteria
  • Contains ‘methyl salicylate’ & ‘salicylic acid’ - cures ringworm, eczema, and other fungal infections
  • Works well for pain relief & improving your circulation 
  • Great for toning and treating the skin
  • Gives off the minty scent 


  • Amazing for relaxing sore, tired muscles
  • Cuts back on inflammation & improves blood circulation
  • Works to boost your mood & metabolism
  • Provides invigorating relief & acts as a natural decongestant 
  • Smells sweet & spicy 


  • Known for boosting memory and helping you think clearer 
  • Showcases calming properties similar to lavender without making you drowsy
  • Helps lower your blood pressure when put directly on your skin
  • Encourages relaxation & meditation
  • Has anti-aging & anti-inflammatory properties 
  • Showcases woody, floral, & sweet balsamic scent 

Tea Tree

  • Acknowledged for the best oil for getting rid of troublesome infections
  • Helps to boost your immune system
  • Has antiseptic properties that are great for assisting with respiratory problems & battling the flu
  • Also works wonders for treating dandruff, athlete’s foot, and other fungal skin issues 
  • Strong oil - do not place on the nose or in eyes directly

2. Almost Heaven Himalayan Salt Wall Panel

Pink Himalayan salt is often used for therapy and meditation. It has dozens of fortifying minerals and beneficial properties. You might see this type of salt in yoga sessions and meal preparation. Even used to spruce up our homes, Himalayan salt works well because it is so pure. There are 84 different minerals present in Himalayan salt that will benefit your mind and body. Here are some examples:

  • Iron
  • Potassium
  • Magnesium
  • Calcium
  • Strontium - amazing for building bone density and forming new bones
  • Molybdenum - gets rid of toxic sulfites through your enzymes & prevents the buildup of toxins

To bring out the best of your relaxation, consider adding the Almost Heaven Himalayan Salt Wall Panel to your indoor traditional sauna. Here are a few ways that your body will benefit from the soothing relief:

  • Works wonders for your respiratory system
  • Has mood-boosting properties
  • Makes your immune system stronger
  • Helps you sleep better
  • Works to relieve pain and soothe tired muscles

Functional Sauna Parts

There are also sauna parts available that make using your sauna easier. Maybe you want to know when your session is over without having to startle yourself with an alarm. Perhaps you wish for a spot to place your bottled water without having to worry about spills. These accessories make your session painless and enjoyable. 

3. Buckets, Ladles, & Thermometers 

Say you are all about the authentic, traditional sauna experience. Having a bucket, ladle, and thermometer is a no-brainer. Fill your bucket with water and drizzle water over your sauna stones to create a loyly that is all your own. Here are a few benefits:

  • You will be able to enjoy your session like the sauna goers of yesterday. 
  • The thermometer in the Almost Heaven Bucket, Ladle, & Thermometer Package is a hygrometer as well.
  • You will have easy access to your temperature and humidity levels at all times with the ability to read both Fahrenheit and Celsius.
  • The thermometer comes with a sturdy metal frame and glass that handles high heat well. This leaves you the ability to relax without worrying about a malfunction.

4. Baltic Leisure Sand Timer Sauna Accessory

An obnoxious alarm can end your sauna session on the wrong note. For a better way to keep up with the length of time that you relax, consider using a sand timer. The Baltic Leisure Sand Timer Sauna Accessory will quietly help you track your timing. Every 15 minutes can serve as a milestone. You can either keep your steam therapy going or leave feeling completely rejuvenated. 

5. Dundalk Leisure Craft Cedar Bottle Shelf 

Having to leave your warm, inviting sauna to replace a wasted bottle of water is certainly a killjoy. To prevent spilled beverages from interrupting your relaxation, consider adding a Dundalk Leisure Craft Cedar Bottle Shelf to your sauna. The stylish design makes for a perfect blend with any sauna model. The bottle shelf can also hold other small belongings as well, like your guest’s keys or sunglasses, if necessary.   

Sauna Parts for Better Appearance


6. Saunacore Sauna Door

The entryway to your sauna will be the first impression. Whether you plan to relax with others or solo, the first aspect of your sauna that you will see is the door. You can change your standard sauna door to an eye-catching masterpiece that makes a statement. Here’s why you should consider upgrading your investment with a Saunacore Sauna Door:

  • Great for replacing an old, worn door if needed
  • Made specifically using red cedarwood for a durable door that can withstand wear and tear
  • Features bronze tempered glass for your safety and the well-being of your guests
  • Able to match and blend in well with any sauna design 
  • Showcases beautiful visual patterns and designs 

7. Almost Heaven LED Light Bar

The ambiance you surround yourself with while relaxing is equally important to enhancing health benefits. Because of this, you should also consider customizing the lighting in your sauna. Whether you want a gentle, comforting glow underneath your sauna benches or more lighting on the wall, the Almost Heaven LED Light Bar can serve either purpose. Here are a few of the benefits:

  • You have the option to choose either 30” or 52” in length. 
  • The light bar comes mounted. A cedar, removable deflector frame helps direct the light in the position you want it. 
  • You can easily access the on/off dimmer switch. It comes mounted on a 24” cord for your convenience. 
  • This light works in any typical 110v outlet. 
  • The power supply is waterproof and offers 12v. 
  • You can place the light bar outside of the sauna as well. 
  • You will enjoy the warming glow of this LED bar for up to 10,000 hours worth of sessions. 

8. Almost Heaven Indoor Sauna Floor Kit

You can place your sauna on tile, concrete, laminate, or vinyl. Chances are, you want your sauna to have a professionally-built look. Consider adding an Almost Heaven Indoor Sauna Floor Kit. 

The smooth red cedar will give your sauna floor an appearance that matches the rest of your investment. Each custom-fit section is durable and free-standing. The sections are easily put inside your sauna whether brand new or already built.  For a gorgeous finish, this floor kit is a must. 


Many features will make each relaxing moment in your sauna better. The first decision to make is deciding on the best size sauna for your agenda. You will enjoy your session more if you can move about comfortably and freely. Add aromatherapy oils so that you leave your sauna with tighter skin and refreshed lungs.

Use a bucket and ladle and bring the same soothing effects of yesterday’s saunas to your home steam therapy. Put vitamins and minerals back in your body as you calm your spirits with a Himalayan salt wall panel.

No matter how you decide to customize your relaxation, there are more than enough options to suit your needs. You will enjoy a uniquely enjoyable experience each time you turn your sauna on.

For more information on the best sauna accessories and add-on features available, continue to check My Sauna World for updates.