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Residential Electric Sauna Heaters

Space Efficient 

Within perhaps the most comprehensive residential sauna heater collection online, you’ll find sauna heaters of every major type. This includes gas, electric, and even wood-burning sauna heaters. 

Some even include the option for a Wi-Fi remote kit to control the temperature of your electric heater remotely. This is known as Xenio for Harvia residential sauna heater models and Uku for Huum residential sauna heaters.

Envision your perfect sauna experience. Perhaps it’s you basking in the sensory-rich heat of a wood-burning heater or enjoying the quick start-up of an electric heater. Either way, what you need can be found in our residential sauna heater collection.

Electric Residential Sauna Heater = Easy Installation

Every single residential sauna heater featured in this collection are easy to install, and they don’t require a chimney to let out smoke or fumes. Due to their ease of installation, you can quickly set up your new sauna heater in whichever way you like. 

They come in various sizes and models, with some electric heater options able to be mounted onto your wall. Some feature control dials directly on the sauna, while others include wall-mountable control panels. Many feature a delay timer that can be set up to eight hours before you need it to activate. 

If you need help deciding what kind of sauna you want, our two-minute sauna quiz will help you figure out the perfect sauna for you.

The Perfect Residential Sauna Heater for You

Sauna heaters are what deliver a certain kind of experience to us. Whether you want a sensory-rich environment or a highly targeted heat, you’ll find the right residential sauna heater within our collection. If you have any questions, check out our sauna heater guide for more information.