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Kohler Steam Shower Generators



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Kohler 30KW Steam Shower Generator
Kohler 30KW Steam Shower Generator
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Kohler 26KW Steam Shower Generator
Kohler 26KW Steam Shower Generator
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Kohler 22KW Steam Shower GeneratorKohler 22KW Steam Shower Generator
Kohler 22KW Steam Shower Generator
Sale price$5,813.89 Regular price$7,751.85
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Kohler 18KW Steam Shower Generator
Kohler 18KW Steam Shower Generator
Sale price$4,867.00 Regular price$7,088.10
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Kohler 15KW Steam Shower GeneratorKohler 15KW Steam Shower Generator
Kohler 15KW Steam Shower Generator
Sale price$3,902.25 Regular price$5,203.00
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Kohler 13KW Steam Shower GeneratorKohler 13KW Steam Shower Generator
Kohler 13KW Steam Shower Generator
Sale price$3,562.95 Regular price$4,750.60
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Kohler 11KW Steam Shower GeneratorKohler 11KW Steam Shower Generator
Kohler 11KW Steam Shower Generator
Sale price$3,110.55 Regular price$4,147.40
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Kohler 9KW Steam Shower GeneratorKohler 9KW Steam Shower Generator
Kohler 9KW Steam Shower Generator
Sale price$2,714.59 Regular price$3,619.45
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Kohler 7KW Steam Shower GeneratorKohler 7KW Steam Shower Generator
Kohler 7KW Steam Shower Generator
Sale price$2,488.39 Regular price$3,317.85
Save $755.96
Kohler 5kW Steam Shower GeneratorKohler 5kW Steam Shower Generator
Kohler 5kW Steam Shower Generator
Sale price$2,267.89 Regular price$3,023.85


Purchasing the Best Kohler Steam Shower Kit


We talk a lot about saunas here at My Sauna World, but the steam shower is another huge player in the heat rejuvenation field. You might think that a sauna and a steam shower are interchangeable, but that’s incorrect. We will discuss some distinct differences between the two later in this article.

The question is, is a steam shower right for you and your home? Which steam shower should you invest in? Luckily for you, My Sauna World offers an abundance of Kohler steam shower generators that will make your bathroom pure bliss.

Read on to learn more about the mechanism behind steam showers, what health benefits they will provide for you, and the differences between a traditional sauna and a steam shower.

Differences Between a Kohler Steam Shower and a Traditional Sauna

To begin, there is a major difference right off the bat between traditional saunas and Kohler steam showers: humidity level. A traditional sauna does have a slight humidity of 20%. Still, you usually have to throw a little water on the sauna stones connected to your wood-fired or electric stove to achieve this humidity. Also, a traditional sauna is much hotter than a steam shower, usually kept between 150 and 175 degrees Fahrenheit.

On the other hand, a Kohler steam shower pumps the humidity level up to 100%, usually achieved by an electric or gas generator. Additionally, a steam shower isn’t as hot as a sauna (usually 110 to 115 degrees Fahrenheit), but it will feel just as hot due to the high humidity level.

Another key difference is the footprint of a Kohler steam shower compared to a traditional sauna. A traditional sauna will take up more space and need a designated spot to live, but a steam shower can be placed anywhere there is a water source, including your shower.

However, there is a little more care and maintenance involved with a steam shower due to the lower temperatures and wetness. You must clean your steam shower after every use, or you may run a risk of getting mold and mildew. 

If you need a little help distinguishing what you are looking for in a sauna or a steam shower, take our quick two-minute quiz to learn what best fits your needs.

The Background of Kohler Steam Generators

You might be wondering if you have the space for a steam shower. The answer is yes. No matter your shower size, it can be modified to become a steam shower. These convenient devices have the ability to steam up your shower very quickly and are so compact you don’t have to dedicate an entire room housing it. 

The health benefits that come along with a steam shower are virtually unmatched, as it boasts sinus relief, muscle relaxation, and skin purification, to name a few. 

Now, let’s figure out the mechanism behind these steamy wonders.

The Mechanism Behind a Kohler Steam Generator

Typically, a Kohler steam generator is comprised of these elements:

Boiler: This is where the magic happens, and the steam is created. Depending on your purchased model, the heating element will be either electric or gas.

Water inlet: This is how your water gets into your steam shower as it hooks the boiler to a water source.

Control unit: This is where you can control your settings like temperature, duration, and auto shut-down.

Drainage system: This is pretty self-explanatory as it drains excess water from your generator.

Steam shower head: The steam shower head is how the steam gets into your shower. It is similar to a showerhead.

Additional safety features: Some safety features include temperature limiters, pressure relief valves, and water level sensors.

The Benefits of a Kohler Steam Shower

There are a host of health benefits when it comes to taking a steam shower. Look no further if you are looking to not only benefit your body but your mind as well. 

Here are a few of the health benefits that come from a Kohler steam shower:

Stress Reduction

Sometimes, you don’t even realize just how stressful your life is until you take the time to unwind and relax. A steam shower gives you that much-needed break in the day and will lower your daily stress levels. Steam saunas are not only known to reduce stress but also improve sleep quality and lessen anxiety.

Increased Skin Health

Let’s face it: your skin faces a lot of pollutants that clog up your pores — it is practically inevitable. However, a steam shower can help you unclog your pores and leave your skin silky smooth. The steam from your shower opens your pores and flushes out toxins, not to mention it reduces the appearance of pimples and blackheads.

Better Circulation

Good circulation is critical for your health, and steam showers do a wonderful job dilating your blood vessels, ultimately leading to more efficient blood flow. This will lead to lower blood pressure, improved heart health, and a reduction in the risk of having a stroke.

Pain Relief

It’s sad to say but pain is inevitable, especially if you live an active lifestyle. Never fear; steam saunas are here as they help speed up recovery after a workout, improve flexibility, and loosen up stiff joints.

The Best Kohler Steam Showers on the Market

Here are a few of our favorite Kohler steam shower generators:

Kohler 30kW Steam Shower Generator

The Kohler 30kW Steam Shower Generator has an impressive 30kW of power and can fill a space that is up to 1,000 cubic feet, which is a pretty large space. It also has some great extras, like the control kit add-on that gives you greater control over your temperature and steam. You can also opt to purchase extra drain pans for a more efficient cleanup.

The best part is that this steam generator is incredibly easy to install, so there is no need to redesign your entire bathroom to assemble. In fact, this generator can be hooked up right to your shower, so you really don’t need any additional space at all. It also comes with a three-year limited warranty.

Kohler 5kW Steam Shower Generator

This steam generator is ideal for smaller spaces as it is engineered to power up to 84 cubic feet. Also, tthere isn’t a huge risk of moisture damage as it is crafted with an insulated stainless steel exterior, which is perfect for all that steam.

Another great feature is its fast response technology that provides the user with steam within 60 seconds and consistently maintains the perfect temperature as well. Not to mention, it is safe for you to touch as it is designed to eliminate the possibility of accidental burns. Lastly, this generator also comes with a three-year limited warranty.

The Best Kohler Steam Shower for Your Needs

If Kohler steam showers were never on your radar, we sure hope they are now, as these compact gems will turn a run-of-the-mill shower into a steamy haven for you to sit back and relax in on the daily. With all of its health benefits, easy installation, and small footprint, it’s almost crazy not to invest in such an amazing home upgrade.

My Sauna World offers a bunch of high-quality Kohler steam showers for you to purchase for your own steam shower. Shop now and find the best steam shower for your needs.