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Almost Heaven Saunas



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Sale price$47.00
All-Wood Door
Sale price$980.00 Sale
Deluxe Sauna Glass Door
Sale price$769.00 Sale
Save $334.00
Wood Door with WindowWood Door with Window
Wood Door with Window
Regular price$1,264.00 Sale price$930.00 Sale
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Barrel Sauna Rain JacketBarrel Sauna Rain Jacket
Barrel Sauna Rain Jacket
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Almost Heaven Sutton 2 Person Indoor Sauna No backgroundAlmost Heaven Sutton 2 Person Indoor Sauna inside the house view
Almost Heaven Sutton 2 Person Indoor Sauna
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Almost Heaven Cedar Sauna Drink Shelf
Sale price$54.00
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Almost Heaven Patterson 6 Person Indoor SaunaAlmost Heaven Patterson 6 Person Indoor Sauna
Almost Heaven Patterson 6 Person Indoor Sauna
Sale price$5,146.00 Regular price$8,204.00
Almost Heaven Sauna Sand Timer
Sale price$88.00
Harvia KIP Electric Heater
Sale price$1,075.00 Sale
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Almost Heaven Cascade 4 Person Indoor SaunaAlmost Heaven Cascade 4 Person Indoor Sauna
Almost Heaven Cascade 4 Person Indoor Sauna
Regular price$22,751.00 Sale price$11,961.00 Sale
Save $588.00
Almost Heaven Ellipse Outdoor Shower - My Sauna WorldAlmost Heaven Ellipse Outdoor Shower
Almost Heaven Ellipse Outdoor Shower
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LED Mood Lighting
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Almost Heaven Cedar Sauna Backrest
Sale price$68.00
Essential Oil Box
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Almost Heaven Kirami 4 Person Wood Fired Hot TubAlmost Heaven Kirami 4 Person Wood Fired Hot Tub
Almost Heaven Kirami 4 Person Wood Fired Hot Tub
Sale price$8,766.00 Regular price$9,128.00
Harvia Bucket and Ladle Kit
Sale price$153.00
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Almost Heaven Sauna StepAlmost Heaven Sauna Step
Almost Heaven Sauna Step
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Almost Heaven Tower Outdoor ShowerAlmost Heaven Tower Outdoor Shower
Almost Heaven Tower Outdoor Shower
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Heater Guard
Sale price$65.00
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Almost Heaven Essex 4 Person Standard Barrel SaunaAlmost Heaven Essex 4 Person Standard Barrel Sauna
Almost Heaven Essex 4 Person Standard Barrel Sauna
Sale price$6,708.00 Regular price$10,313.00
Save $8,187.00
Almost Heaven Phoenix - 6 Person Luxury Barrel SaunaAlmost Heaven Phoenix - 6 Person Luxury Barrel Sauna - My Sauna World
Almost Heaven Phoenix - 6 Person Luxury Barrel Sauna
Sale price$19,799.00 Regular price$27,986.00
Almost Heaven The Wall Outdoor Shower
Sale price$745.00

The Ultimate Almost Heaven Sauna Experience


When turning your backyard, bathroom, or closet into the ultimate spa getaway, an Almost Heaven sauna could be precisely what your home is longing for. This trusted brand of saunas has a little something for everyone and can turn a stressful workday into a blissful evening with the push of a button.

A Brief Background

When thinking of an Almost Heaven sauna, your mind might instinctively go to a barrel sauna, which wouldn’t be surprising since this is the most popular model Almost Heaven offers. However, Almost Heaven is no one trick pony. Although its outdoor barrel saunas are its best sellers, it also has a divine collection of indoor cabin saunas and an infrared model as well.

Almost Heaven has been a master of its craft for over 40 years, which makes it a leader in sauna quality, durability, and heat efficiency. An Almost Heaven sauna is not a one-size-fits-all experience either. You can choose a model with an intimate ambiance of one or two people or opt for a more social experience of up to eight people.

Do you still need convincing? An Almost Heaven sauna is the prime manufacturer of designing customizable experiences with your sauna. You can choose tons of upgrades, including Himalayan salt walls, vista windows, LED chromotherapy lights, canopy porches, and much more.

A Traditional Touch on Modern Relaxation

When purchasing an Almost Heaven sauna, you must think about what sets Almost Heaven apart from the competition. Not only do these saunas offer supreme craftsmanship from white fir, rustic cedar, onyx upgrade, or thermally modified hemlock, but these saunas boast a traditional take on a sauna with all of the modern upgrades like electric Harvia heaters that the touch of a button can activate.

This means that after a long day at the office, you can switch your sauna on remotely so you can jump into its steamy haven the minute you walk into your home. Not to mention that these sauna heaters can heat your sauna in roughly 45 minutes or less.

If you want a more rustic and traditional approach, you can also opt for a wood-fired stove and chimney kit for outdoor models. This will give you the ambiance of a traditional Finnish sauna, complete with the smell of rustic wood and the sound of a crackling fire.

The Almost Heaven Standard

An Almost Heaven sauna shines because every barrel sauna (its most popular model) comes standard on plastic cradles, which creates a barrier from the ground, keeping the sauna away from moisture that can damage the structure. Almost Heaven is the only manufacturer to offer this amazing feature, and it will keep your sauna looking and feeling as good as new for the foreseeable future. It also ensures your sauna will have an even heat distribution, even if you use it during the harsh winter months.

Another great feature an Almost Heaven sauna will have is tempered glass windows, which is constructed for your safety while giving you a glimpse of your surroundings as you unwind.

Every sauna is easy to construct and only requires two people and a couple of hours to completely assemble. There is no need for a contractor to step in unless you decide you would like to have one involved. An Almost Heaven sauna always comes with guides and videos on how to easily and correctly assemble your sauna from top to bottom, so even if you are not incredibly handy, you can still assemble your own Almost Heaven sauna with a DIY easy-to-assemble sauna kit.

Built With Quality in Mind

As mentioned earlier, every Almost Heaven sauna is made from quality wood such as white fir, rustic cedar, onyx upgrade, or thermally modified hemlock. These woods are resilient and will stand up to the harshest weather conditions if you have an outdoor sauna or humidity if you have an indoor model.

When it comes to heaters, there is no denying that an Almost Heaven sauna delivers nothing short of the best quality, as it boasts Havia heaters, which are some of the best on the market. Its quick heating time combined with safety features such as a safety railing that keeps you from coming in direct contact with extremely hot sauna stones are unmatched in the industry. There is also a digital control that allows you to set your sauna’s desired temperature as well as the time you would like to start heating your sauna.

If you want to go the wood-fired stove route for a more traditional approach, Almost Heaven saunas also have that option readily available for outdoor models. Not sure if you want a wood-fired or electric stove? Maybe you don’t know if an indoor or an outdoor model is best for you. Check out our sauna quiz to help with your decision-making.

Upgrades Galore

Upgrades like Himalayan salt walls make for a serene sauna escape as these salt walls are backlit, giving off soothing vibes while relaxing the nerves. It also releases salt particles in the air, which has healing properties for the respiratory system.

Additionally, LED chromotherapy lights come in an assortment of colors, each of which boasts different healing powers. Some examples are that blue lights boost alertness, help with memory, and regulate circadian rhythm, while violet lights reduce stress and aid in falling asleep.

Canopy porches are a wonderful upgrade because they provide the perfect spot to cool down before taking a cold plunge or shower. You can sit with a cup of tea or a beverage packed with electrolytes while soaking in the fresh air from your backyard.

Why an Almost Heaven Sauna is Right For You

Almost Heaven saunas offer everything you are looking for in an at-home sauna experience. What sets Almost Heaven saunas apart is that it boasts a traditional sauna experience with a modern twist. It also crafts its saunas from the finest materials, keeps safety in mind, and offers the most cutting-edge upgrades and customizations.

If you are looking to heighten your at-home sauna experience, we have all of the Almost Heaven saunas that are perfect for your needs. Shop now at My Sauna World and turn your home into a spa experience you’ll look forward to every day.