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Outdoor Showers


Hold on a minute before you track back mud into your house; let's introduce you to outdoor showers.  Outdoor showers are becoming a hot topic, and for all the right reasons.  If you're drawn to nature, nothing beats the experience of outdoor showers. It's like connecting with nature in a truly refreshing and unparalleled way.

Also, say goodbye to wet and dirty floors. Outdoor showers allow you to keep the mess outside. Whether post-workout showers or cleaning your grubby pets and kids after playtime, they are handy.  Besides that, you can even wash your gardening equipment, toys, patio furniture, and other tools outside. 

Outdoor showers are ideal for mothers trying to manage the mess or athletes struggling to tidy their homes. Discover hassle-free setup and durable outdoor shower options at My Sauna World. We aim to simplify your life and elevate the aesthetics of both your indoor and outdoor spaces. 

Types of Outdoor Showers

Generally, an outdoor shower comes in two types. 

Free Standing Showers

If you want to install an outdoor shower in a garden or a secluded area, free-standing showers are perfect. They come with a built-in shower tray like the 

Almost Heaven Tower Outdoor Shower. These can be set on any firm, leveled surface and easily connected to the garden hose or hard plumbing. You can even easily disassemble and reassemble these in a different location.  

Wall Mount Shower

Commonly mounted directly only on a backyard wall, these outdoor showers are a more affordable option. An ideal location to place them is outside an indoor bathroom or kitchen.  There, it will have access to existing plumbing, plus if you, the kids, or the pets have muddy feet, you can quickly shower before heading inside. 

One such example is the Almost Heaven The Wall Outdoor Shower. This affordable option comes with a stainless steel overhead rain shower, hand shower wand, and foot wash, and its durable materials are excellent for withstanding outdoor elements. 

User Testimonials on My Sauna World

Don't believe everything we say? Read some user reviews about their favorite outdoor showers and experiences. 

(5 Star) Customer Testimonial By Julie Yeggy about the Almost Heaven Ellipse Shower — "Great shower for the price. We got the clear cedar, which is beautiful … The shower itself works great. We hooked it up to hot and cold water and use it after using the hot tub."

(5 Star) Customer Testimonial By Nancy P. about the Rustic Picket Outdoor Shower —  I love it! It took a while to complete (stain, plumb, landscape, install lighting) since we aren't at our cabin as often as we'd like, BUT... it's done and beautiful and so nice to have! Thank you for your excellent service!

Features and Installation for Outdoor Showers

With more people actively enjoying the outdoors, outdoor showers have become a need rather than a want. Typically, an outdoor shower consists of the following:

A Water Source

For a refreshing rinse in the summer, outdoor showers are connected to existing cold-water spigots. It can be connected to the existing house plumbing or have a separate water line. Some simpler setups are also connected to the garden hose. It really depends on each individual's preference.  Environmentalists love the basic design for its energy efficiency.  

On the other hand, if you are looking for a more sophisticated setup, you can equip your outdoor shower with hot and cold water. Typically, these systems are set into the home's existing hot- and cold-water plumbing. If you want your family to enjoy a warm shower after pool time to keep them healthy, you should opt for this. The warm water also helps you relax your muscles after an intense workout. 

A Drainage System 

Groundwater drainage is often used as a drainage system for outdoor showers.  This is only acceptable for those areas that allow "gray water" into the soil. 

A dry well is also another option used for outdoor showers. This is when an earthen pit is lined with landscape fabric and filled with gravel, helping water disperse into the ground. 

You need to know your local regulations before selecting the drainage option for your outdoor shower. 

A Shower Head 

First things first, an outdoor shower head is supposed to withstand the outdoor elements. Typically, shower heads are installed at a significant height. If you want something more convenient, choose a multifunction shower head that will enable you to change spray patterns, providing you with a soft, soothing spray to wash off the kids and pets or a concentrated spray for post-workout massaging benefits. 

Care and Maintenance for Outdoor Showers

Regular care and maintenance are essential to make your investment worthwhile and to make it last for years to come. Here is how you should look after your outdoor showers. 

  • General Care: Dust and debris are inevitable.  Outdoor showers need consistent care throughout the season. Thoroughly clean the nozzles and the shower body regularly with a designated cleaning agent. Use a broom or leaf blower to avoid getting debris stuck in the drainage pipes. 
  • Keep it Dry: Place the outdoor showers in an area exposed to direct sunlight or manually dry them. Ensuring they stay dry prevents rust, mold, mildew, and watermarks.
  • When not in use: Whether it's a rainy day or you're going for a vacation — drain the pipes when not in use for extended periods to avoid bacterial contamination.  
  • Winter care: Don't let the winter catch you off-guard.  First up, install a shut-off valve to drain the system before closing. Next, give your shower a good dry-off and disconnect those water supply lines. Open up the mixing valve and foot shower to drain the water.  If any stubborn water lurks, a bit of air compressor action should do the trick. For those exposed pipes — wrap them tightly with an electric heat cable. 

Buy Your Outdoor Shower From My Sauna World 

My Sauna World offers Simple outdoor showers that are a must-have for any space. It's a win for busy moms — a quick, easy escape for some well-deserved me-time and the family's wellness. Plus, we're all about keeping it green; these showers are designed with eco-friendly features, aligning seamlessly with the values of dedicated environmentalists. For athletes, consider it your personal cooldown zone after a workout — refreshing and ready when needed.