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Maya Bath Steam Showers

Your Own Personal Spa

With your very own Maya Bath steam shower, you can alleviate stress and anxiety from the comfort of your own home. The steam showers in our Maya Bath collection incorporate cutting-edge technology and features that provide a therapeutic experience to every part of your body.

Hydromassage jets are strategically placed to target essential pressure points. They work well alongside the built-in foot massager. Customize your spa experience how you like using the built-in control panel.

Alleviate Tension and Joint Pain Every Time You Shower

Imagine that every time you step into the shower, after a long day of work or at the gym, you get a customizable foot massage and a hot steam treatment. A hot steam treatment that relieves your joint pain and alleviates muscle soreness. 

A Maya Bath steam shower is the kind of shower that can help treat your arthritis or muscle tension. They are tailor-made to deliver a two-in-one experience. As you activate the steam generator, you’ll quickly feel a warm embrace as the steam begins to work through your body, delivering a massage like no other.

A Healthier Heart With Your Maya Bath

The steam generated by a Maya Bath steam shower opens up your pores. This, in turn, helps widen your blood vessels and improves blood circulation throughout your entire body. The effect is improved cardiovascular health, and you can do it while watching a movie!

That’s because some of the steam showers in our Maya Bath collection even come with a built-in digital LCD TV! 

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Deep Cleanse Your Skin as You Shower

With a Maya Bath steam shower, you don’t have to choose between staying clean and improving your skin and cardiovascular health. They are perfect for those with limited time or space. If you’re ready to learn more, then check out our steam shower buyer’s guide.