Indoor Traditional Saunas


Indoor Traditional Saunas Collection

Your Indoor Sauna, Your Way

With our traditional indoor sauna collection, you don’t have to conform to any one design. That’s because our traditional indoor sauna collection features a multitude of styles and themes. Enjoy the beautiful aesthetic and respiratory health benefits of Himalayan pink salt or the wonderfully cozy interior of an Auburn indoor sauna.

Whatever way you choose to get healthier-looking skin and remove the toxins from your body, there’s a traditional indoor sauna made for your needs. 

Improved Respiratory Function With Himalayan Pink Salt

As mentioned, our collection includes saunas that incorporate a back wall of Himalayan pink salt into their build. These Himalayan pink salt walls are entirely backlit, casting a wonderful glow that helps soothe the mind and relax the nerves.

As the traditional indoor sauna heats up, salt particles are released into the air. These salt particles have a positive impact on your respiratory system. Promoting easier breathing and even offering relief for those who suffer from asthma and allergies.

Quick Heating

Unlike traditional outdoor saunas, this collection utilizes electric heaters as the primary heating function in our traditional indoor sauna options. Electric heaters are fast and efficient, even when heating larger saunas.

They tend to be more compact than wood-burning stoves, and they do a lot more with less energy than other options. Think of electric heaters as the gold standard for fast, safe, and inexpensive heating for saunas.

It’s true that other, more traditional heating methods come with their benefits. If you’re interested in finding out what sauna type works best with your needs, then spend two minutes answering the questions in our sauna quiz. You’ll get exact recommendations for what you’re looking for. 

A Safe Sauna Experience

Safe and effective sauna therapy that you can enjoy indoors is what a traditional indoor sauna has to offer. If you’re ready to learn more, scan our traditional indoor sauna info guide. It has everything you need to know about this sauna type.