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Saunum AIR 7 Sauna Heater Stainless
Sale price$3,095.00
Saunum AIR 10 Sauna Heater Black
Sale price$3,395.00
Save $41.00
Saunum Aroma Oil SetSaunum Aroma Oil Set
Saunum Aroma Oil Set
Sale price$58.00 Regular price$99.00
Save $824.00
Saunum AIR 10 9.6kW Air Series WiFi Sauna Heater Package - Stainless SteelSaunum AIR 10 9.6kW Air Series WiFi Sauna Heater Package - Stainless Steel
Saunum AIR 10 9.6kW Air Series WiFi Sauna Heater Package - Stainless Steel
Sale price$5,675.00 Regular price$6,499.00
Save $609.00
Saunum AIR 10 9.6kW Air Series WiFi Sauna Heater Package - BlackSaunum AIR 10 9.6kW Air Series WiFi Sauna Heater Package - Black
Saunum AIR 10 9.6kW Air Series WiFi Sauna Heater Package - Black
Sale price$5,390.00 Regular price$5,999.00
Save $1,000.00
Saunum AIR L 13 Sauna HeaterSaunum AIR L 13 Sauna Heater
Saunum AIR L 13 Sauna Heater
Sale price$3,995.00 Regular price$4,995.00
Save $1,100.00
Saunum AIR L 10 Sauna HeaterSaunum AIR L 10 Sauna Heater
Saunum AIR L 10 Sauna Heater
Sale price$3,895.00 Regular price$4,995.00
Save $1,800.00
Saunum AIR L 15 Sauna HeaterSaunum AIR L 15 Sauna Heater
Saunum AIR L 15 Sauna Heater
Sale price$4,195.00 Regular price$5,995.00
Saunum AIR 10 Sauna Heater Stainless
Sale price$3,295.00
Saunum AIR 7 Sauna Heater Black
Sale price$3,195.00
Saunum AIR 5 Sauna Heater Black
Sale price$2,995.00
Saunum AIR 5 Sauna Heater Stainless
Sale price$2,895.00
Saunum AirSolo 80
Sale price$2,295.00
Save $700.00
Saunum AirSolo 70Saunum AirSolo 70
Saunum AirSolo 70
Sale price$2,195.00 Regular price$2,895.00
Saunum AirSolo Wall
Sale price$1,895.00


Discover the World of Saunum Heaters


There are so many sauna heaters on the market right now. Because saunas are so popular, heaters have also become a hot (pun intended) commodity. One of the groundbreaking heaters of today is the Saunum heater.

What makes Saunum so different than your typical heater? A Saunum heater lets you choose the way you want to sauna bathe. We will discuss that more later. It also uses Himalayan sea salt, which is hugely beneficial for anyone who uses it (more on that later, too).

Now, let’s take a deep dive into Saunum heaters and why you should consider purchasing one for your at-home sauna retreat along with the benefits these heaters will bring you when you use one.

If you are still looking for additional information about purchasing your own sauna, take our quick two-minute quiz to learn more about which sauna is perfect for your needs.

What is a Saunum Heater?

Saunum heaters are made in Estonia, one of the founding countries of sauna bathing. The company itself was founded in 2014 with the goal of recreating the heat given off in a traditional smoke sauna. This company didn’t just come up with a run-of-the-mill heater; it spent thousands of hours researching and developing the world’s best sauna heater.

The technology of Saunum heaters is virtually unmatched as it offers a bunch of benefits with every heater, including:

  • Full body heat
  • An oxygen-rich sauna experience
  • Estonian-style saunas include a long sweat, soothing heat, and rich steam
  • Creation of a satisfying steam 
  • Convenient control by the AIRIQ mobile app
  • Halotherapy (salt therapy)
  • Customizable settings, including three different airflow speeds
  • UL certified for safety

Now let’s discuss what kind of sauna bathing you can do with a Saunum heater.

What Kind of Sauna Bathing Can You Do Using a Saunum Heater?

Believe it or not, you can sauna bathe in a few different ways. With a Saunum heater, you can customize how you would like to cater your sauna session.

  • Russian banya: This includes massive stone volume, air blending, and intense heat and steam. Heat, ventilation, and humidity all play a part in creating a traditional Russian banya.
  • Finnish sauna: With this type of sauna bathing, you want a high, dry heat. That means not a whole lot of influence on steam like its Russian counterpart. You want a high and consistent heat.
  • Estonian sauna: Here you want a long and consistent sweat, soothing heat, and rich steam, so you want it more on the wetter side with a little less emphasis on heat.
  • Yoga sauna: When doing yoga in your sauna, you want oxygenated airflow even at floor level for lower poses so you get the heat no matter what level you are practicing at.
  • Aroma sauna: This one isn’t as common as it combines high humidity and air movement to bring a satisfying aroma into your sauna.
  • Salt sauna: This is the real game changer. A patented system propels Himalayan salt ions throughout your sauna as the air from the heater passes along a salt chamber.

This heater company has really thought of it all. Still, one of the differentiators on the above list is halotherapy, as many saunas usually utilize this benefit with a salt wall. Saunum heaters, on the other hand, utilize halotherapy within the heater itself. This offers a ton of health benefits other heaters don’t bring along to the party.

The Benefits of Sauna Bathing With Himalayan Salt

You might be thinking, ‘What’s the difference between typical table salt and Himalayan salt?’ To put it simply, a lot. Himalayan salt contains many potent minerals like potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron, and strontium (which is good for bone density, new bone formation, and slowing down the aging process of bones). Another mineral in Himalayan salt is Molybdenum, which activates enzymes to eliminate harmful sulfites. These all add to the health benefits you encounter with Himalayan salt.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the health benefits that Himalayan salt has to offer:

Strengthens Your Immune System

Did you know regular sauna bathing can dramatically reduce your cold and flu symptoms? This is because a sauna increases the number of white blood cells in your body, directly strengthening your immune system. 

Additionally, using Himalayan salt during a sauna session creates resistance bacteria and reduces the level of toxins in your body through sweat, which also increases your immune system.

Stimulates Your Respiratory System

Saunas, in general, help you with your breathing, but adding Himalayan salt to your routine takes it to a whole different level. Himalayan salt breaks up mucus and blockages, lessens breathing discomfort, alleviates inflammation, and fights respiratory infections.

Some even say that halotherapy has direct benefits for asthma and certain lung diseases as it stimulates the respiratory system.

Improved Sleep

Who doesn’t want to catch a few extra Zs? Saunas, especially when used before bedtime, aid in sleep. However, halotherapy really boosts the quality of sleep you get. Regularly sauna breathing in Himalayan salt improves your breathing, increases blood circulation, and ultimately relaxes your body. 

Not to mention, Himalayan salt creates a relaxing atmosphere that welcomes a good night’s sleep. This salt puts you right into a state of deep relaxation and preps your body to get some quality sleep.

Pain Relief

Do you have tight muscles? Then Himalayan salt is something you have got to try. Himalayan salt generates soothing, dry, warm air that helps ease tightness in muscles.

As mentioned earlier, Himalayan salt helps encourage better breathing, and with more oxygen in your bloodstream, this, combined with better blood circulation, greatly benefits your joints and muscles, ultimately soothing aches and pains and potentially stimulating the healing process for strains and other ailments. 

Better Mood

Seasonal affective disorder can be brutal, but Himalayan salt produces negative ions that reduce chronic depression. When negative ions interact with your body, your brain will produce an increased amount of serotonin, which helps with your mood, memory, sleep, and appetite. 

As discussed earlier, Himalayan salt also creates an incredibly calm and soothing ambiance, which causes your body to relax deeply. This also helps ease depression and put you into a happier mood.

The Best Saunum Heaters to Purchase

Now that we have discussed all of the amazing benefits a Saunum heater provides, along with the addition of Himalayan salt, let’s take a look at some of the best Saunum heaters you can buy for your at-home sauna:

Saunum Air 10 Sauna Heater Black

If you are looking for an attractive, chic heater, look no further than the Saunum Air 10 Sauna Heater Black; this heater will give a modern look to any sauna. If you are looking for convenience, this sauna heater also has your back, as you can choose to upgrade to include the AIRIQ app that allows you to control your sauna heater from anywhere.

After a long day at the office, all you need to do is click a button and your sauna will heat while you are on the road and will be ready to use the minute you step through the door.

Additionally, you get to reap all the benefits we discussed earlier regarding Himalayan salt. This heater flawlessly includes all the halotherapy you need to lead to better breathing, less stress, and improved sleep. To top it off, you can also include an aromatherapy package to further yourself into a world of pure relaxation.

With this heater, you won’t feel like your head is 200 degrees Fahrenheit while your feet are only at 100 degrees Fahrenheit; the Saunum Air 10 Sauna Heater Black guarantees you will have consistent heating so the top half and the lower half of your body will get the exact same heat distribution.

Saunum Air 7 Sauna Heater Stainless 

Like all Saunum heaters, the Saunum Air 7 Sauna Heater Stainless includes all the halotherapy you are craving. You can indulge in ultimate relaxation while seeing the many health benefits of Himalayan salt therapy come to life. 

Like the heater above, you can add the convenience of AIRIQ and WiFi so you can have all the convenience of a modern sauna and select what time you would like your sauna to heat up every day. You can also select your desired temperature, and the AIRIQ will ensure that your sauna stays at that exact temperature throughout the entire duration of your sauna session.

This heater also comes with the ability to add on aromatherapy, meaning you can use essential oils to create the scents you would like to breathe in, creating the ultimate relaxation sanctuary.

Choosing a Saunum Heater for Your At-Home Sauna

As you can see, Saunum has truly thought of everything when it comes to a sauna heater. From the integration of Himalayan salt to the aromatherapy upgrades and WiFi capabilities, you can create the ultimate sauna haven with this amazing heater.

To learn more about Saunum heaters and how you can add one to your at-home sauna, shop now at My Sauna World and take a peak at the Saunum sauna heater that is perfect for your needs.