Wood Burning Sauna Heaters

Wood-Burning Sauna Heaters


Quality Sauna Steam

There are different kinds of heat with their own varying qualities. If you want the heat in your sauna to be generated in the traditional style of saunas of the last millennia, then you’re going to want to look at our wood burning sauna heaters.

Best of Both Worlds

Within our wood burning sauna heaters collection, you get two choices. Those choices are HARVIA wood burning sauna heaters and HUUM wood burning sauna heaters. Keep in mind that both sets of heaters are of high quality, but stylistically, they are worlds apart.

HARVIA wood burning sauna heaters are characterized by their more modern appearance. They’re sleek and well-tuned, made from the finest stainless steel, and with a graphite black exterior.

HUUM wood burning sauna heaters take rustic to the extreme with an exterior made entirely out of stones. Don’t be fooled, these stones aren’t just for show. You see, the stone exterior of these HUUM wood burning sauna heaters distributes heat in a powerful and efficient way.

Soft Heat, Comfortable Sauna

Regardless of what style you end up choosing, rest assured that you’ll be able to enjoy the soft and comforting heat that wood burning sauna heaters are known for. You’ll be able to enjoy comfortable sauna sessions that’ll leave you looking and feeling younger. 

Be sure to pair your heater with the right sauna, you can figure out what your sauna type is in minutes thanks to our sauna quiz.

A Pleasant Sensory Experience

There’s a lot more to wood burning sauna heaters than can be discussed here. Especially when you take into account the differences between HARVIA and HUUM heaters. This is why we’ve developed both a HARVIA wood burning heaters guide and a HUUM wood burning heaters guide for you to peruse.