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Harvia Electric Sauna Heaters

Precise Control With All the Privacy

Traditional saunas have many benefits, but sometimes, setting an exact temperature can feel like playing a guessing game where you’ll never know if you got the right answer.

Our Harvia electric sauna heater collection is the perfect solution to this problem. The electric heaters in this collection come with digital control panels that let you set the exact temperature within your private sauna.

Wifi Connectivity Available

Harvia’s rich traditions and design prowess make them one of the top brands that we source from. A majority of the heaters in our Harvia electric sauna heaters collection come with the option to use Xenio - a wifi-connected control panel that can be mounted to the sauna’s wall. 

Simply connect your phone via the MyHarvia mobile application and start up your sauna heater from anywhere, anytime. 

No annoying cables are necessary to utilize this feature, thanks to the wireless connectivity feature that the control panels of Harvia electric sauna heaters have.

It Shouldn’t Take All Day To Look Good

Getting younger-looking skin by improving your blood circulation doesn’t have to take all day. You have work, family life, and hobbies and interests to pursue. An electric heater was designed with this understanding in mind. It’s why Harvia electric sauna heaters work quickly and efficiently, reaching 190 - 195° in less than an hour. 

They can quickly begin heating up an enclosed space without requiring anything from you besides sitting down and setting your desired temperature. 

Space Efficient

Power can come packed in small things. Harvia electric sauna heaters aren’t much bigger than their control panels. However, their large stone capacity is what enables them to quickly disperse large amounts of heat. Why go anywhere else for your sauna needs?

Public saunas are filled with uncomfortable scenarios, and you won’t have control over anything. If you’re interested in finally relaxing on your own terms with a powerful and efficient sauna heater, then check out our review of Harvia’s electric sauna heaters.

You can also take two minutes to find out your sauna type with our sauna quiz.