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Wood That’s Resistant To Decay, Fungi, and Insects

You don’t need to pump your wood full of harmful chemicals just to keep insects and other forms of decay at bay. In fact, Saunalife thermowood saunas utilize an ancient heat treatment process that has been around for thousands of years.

By heat treating the wood used to make their saunas, Saunalife significantly reduced their moisture content. This made them more stable and less prone to warping and cracking, which are common issues with low-quality saunas.

Black Spruce Exterior or a Glass Front, a Style for Every Type

The durability of a Saunalife sauna is matched by the diversity of our Saunalife collection. There are pre-assembled outdoor home saunas, saving you hours of hard labor and uncomfortable sweating, as well as indoor home saunas that can accommodate your entire family.

A wide range of quality wood types and materials were used to ensure a consistent look across the board. There are saunas with an entirely black Spruce wood exterior and barrel saunas with an all-glass front. 

Even if you don’t have the time to look through the entire collection, we’ve developed a sauna quiz that lets you know your sauna type in under three minutes.


Saunas that aren’t thermo-modified may require frequent maintenance and application of sealants. This is to prevent their structure from cracking or warping. Saunalife saunas completely reduce the need for such processes thanks to their thermo-modified builds.

Enjoy using your sauna as much as you like while only having to maintain it a fraction of the time. That’s yet another advantage of the thermowood saunas in our Saunalife collection.

A Saunalife Right for You

There are many more astounding benefits that a thermowood sauna has to offer. These saunas employ techniques and traditions that have been in service for thousands of years. That’s a testament to their quality. To learn more about their capabilities, look at our thermowood sauna guide.