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Almost Heaven Sindri 2 Person Wood Fired Hot TubAlmost Heaven Sindri 2 Person Wood Fired Hot Tub
Almost Heaven Sindri 2 Person Wood Fired Hot Tub
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Dundalk Leisure Craft The Starlight Wood Burning Hot TubDundalk Leisure Craft The Starlight Wood Burning Hot Tub
Dundalk Leisure Craft The Starlight Wood Burning Hot Tub
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Almost Heaven Kirami 4 Person Wood Fired Hot TubAlmost Heaven Kirami 4 Person Wood Fired Hot Tub
Almost Heaven Kirami 4 Person Wood Fired Hot Tub
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SaunaLife Model S4N Wood-Fired Hot Tub
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Almost Heaven Serenity 4 Person Wood Fired Hot TubAlmost Heaven Serenity 4 Person Wood Fired Hot Tub
Almost Heaven Serenity 4 Person Wood Fired Hot Tub
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Dundalk LeisureCraft The Original Cedar Hot TubDundalk LeisureCraft The Original Cedar Hot Tub
Dundalk LeisureCraft The Original Cedar Hot Tub
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Everything You Need to Know About the Rustic Wooden Hot Tub


Imagine soaking in a steaming hot tub on a cool night beneath a starlit sky, with just the sounds of nature to keep you company. Nothing beats enjoying a hot tub soak in the comfort of your home or backyard. Did you know that a wood-fired hot tub can double the pleasure of a hot tub bath? 

A wooden hot tub is similar to soaking in a natural hot spring. It engages all your senses as you drown your worries away in the steaming hot water while tuning into the soft crackling sounds of firewood. Sweet and simple, it's a mindful experience worth having. The best part is that you can enjoy it in the warmth of your home, any time you want.

Let's look at what makes wood-fired hot tubs such a timeless invention.

Basics of a Wooden Hot Tub

Wooden hot tubs or wood-fired tubs are a time-honored ritual that enhances physical and mental well-being. They use a wood-burner stove to heat water instead of an electrical system. 

A long, relaxing soak in a wood-fired tub can help with:

  • Stress relief
  • Joint pain relief
  • Improved sleep
  • Improved mood
  • Muscle relaxation and repair
  • Alleviate fatigue and tension

A wooden hot tub uses firewood to heat water, avoiding the use of chemicals in water treatment.

While the hot tub experience has evolved, it draws inspiration from the Japanese ofuro. Ofuro is a large soaking tub typically made from hinoki cypress or cedar wood. A bath in the ofuro was intended to build a spiritual and mental connection between oneself and nature, allowing for a contemplative experience that helped restore one's senses.

Today, most wooden hot tubs are crafted from cedar wood. They're made with vertical cedar staves strung firmly together with stainless-steel hoops for fortification.

Let's find out how a wooden hot tub works.

How Does a Wooden Hot Tub Work?

A wood-fired hot tub is exactly what it sounds like. It runs on a wood-burning stove that can heat the water to a toasty 105°F. 

The workings of a wood-fired hot tub depend on two main heaters or stoves:

Submersible Stove

As the name suggests, a submersible stove is stowed away at the bottom of the hot tub. An underwater stove can make you understandably wary, but don't worry. The bottom part of the stove remains cool once the heat transfers to the water. 

It connects to an above-water stove pipe, which contains the heat. This pipe can get hot but do not worry. A cedar barrier ensures safety. Because of its built-in heat output, a submersible burner is the best and quickest way to heat the water in a hot tub.

The submersible stove is made of superior marine-grade aluminum to prevent the corrosive qualities of water. 

This ensures:

  • High-efficiency heat output 
  • Anti-corrosive properties
  • Highly durable

To get a submersible stove going, ensure you have plenty of kindling and high-quality firewood. 

External Stove

The external stove in a hot tub is located outside the tub and has two components:

  1. The first component draws cool water from the tub and transports it to the heating system.
  2. The second component dispenses hot water back into the tub.

This continuous circulation of hot and cold water is an important mechanism known as 'thermosiphoning.'

Since the external stove is outside the tub, it takes longer to heat the water. 

The external stove also has a friendlier alternative, an external heating coil. These coils provide a more cost-effective way to heat hot tubs.

Which is the Better Choice?

Both stoves have merits, but submersible stoves win due to their superior heating efficiency. With a submersible stove, the water in a tub can achieve high temperatures in two-thirds the time of an external stove.

However, a submersible stove takes up valuable room inside the hot tub. The exterior stove performs well in this aspect and is a good option if you enjoy more space. 

Setting the Right Temperature in a Wooden Hot Tub

The standard temperature for a wooden hot tub ranges between 100°F to 102°F. If you're well-seasoned to hot tub soaks, you can endure temperatures up to 105°F. 

It can take many hours to heat a wood-fired hot tub to your preferred temperature (even with a submersible stove, which can take up to two hours). 

This time can vary depending on:

  • Water capacity
  • Size of the hot tub: larger hot tubs designed to accommodate five to six people will take longer to heat
  • The method used for heating 

The beauty of a wooden hot tub is that it retains heat after the first time you heat it. 

A cold plunge is recommended following a hot water bath, just like in a sauna. A cold plunge at regular intervals improves blood circulation and has other health benefits.

While the standard temperature is preferable to most, people with heart conditions or other illnesses should consult their medical practitioner. 

The Best Wooden Hot Tubs Money Can Buy


Dundalk Leisure Craft The Starlight Wood Burning Hot Tub

The Dundalk Starlight Wood Burning Hot Tub offers a serene escape with its premium wooden hot tub. Everything about this handcrafted wooden hot tub is eco-friendly, from the sustainably sourced wood that goes into this fine rectangular tub to its top-of-the-line wood-fired heater, which offers a great environmentally friendly alternative. 

Its wood-fired heating system is ideal for an off-grid experience that does not require electricity, saving both money and the environment.

Despite its rustic appearance, Dundalk's heating system is refined. It takes some time for the water to heat up, but it retains the heat for those long, relaxing soaks. Thanks to its technology, you'll experience no mechanical noise that wooden hot tubs are known for, ensuring a peaceful hot tub session. 

This wooden hot tub by Dundalk also has a generous build and is spacious enough to invite family and friends to soak in with you. If not, you have all the space to yourself.

Combined with the soothing sounds of hot water crackling against the wood and an off-the-grid vibe, this wooden hot tub by Dundalk is the calming escape you didn't know you needed.

Product Inclusions:

  • Crate Size 86"x45"x34" High
  • Aluminum Inside Hot Tub Heater
  • 36 "x68" Roll Up Cover (Use with Wood Heater)

Almost Heaven Sindri 2 Person Wood Fired Hot Tub

Another sensible eco-friendly pick we recommend is the Almost Heaven Sindri wooden hot tub that accommodates two people. The first thing you'll notice about this premium hot tub is its exquisite cedar-paneled finish and elegant oblong design. You can stain the wood with a sealer or leave it untreated for a more rustic appearance.

Sindri's wood-burning heating system is cutting-edge, requiring no wiring or pumps. Simply load the wood into the firebox and fill the tub with water. You'll be ready to soak in a couple of hours. You can fire up this wooden hot tub and enjoy pleasant soaks at any time of day, making it ideal for off-the-grid living.

Despite its two-seater tub design, there is plenty of space to unwind and de-stress at leisure. The tub also features a smart design, replete with a step for easy access. The curved corners of the tub also ensure there's no wasted space, and you fit snugly into the tub. When not in use, you can cover it up.

Product Inclusions:

  • Hot tub cover
  • Hot tub step
  • Heater
  • Free flatbed shipping

Saunalife Model S4n Wood-Fired Hot Tub

The SaunaLife SOAK-Series Model S4N is one of the finest wooden hot tubs on the market, especially if you need to accommodate a large gathering of family and friends. Crafted from thermally enhanced spruce in Northern Europe, this wood-fired hot tub promises an efficient set-up thanks to its assembled design. 

The high-quality wood and fiberglass composition protects it from the elements and harsh weather. Spruce lasts twice as long as cedar, so that you can rest assured about its quality and durability.

The wooden hot tub has a traditional round shape and an ergonomic design, ensuring comfort and ample space. It can accommodate up to six people. 

The highlight of the Model S4N wooden hot tub is its eco-friendly design. It contains a corrugated stove with a smart self-cleaning feature and a secondary chamber. Compared to traditional wood-fired tubs, these two systems work together to heat the wooden hot tub one-third of the time.

This also means it consumes half the amount of wood a regular hot tub does. Its high-efficiency heating technology heats 304 gallons of water in 1.5 to two hours. The fiberglass lining provides great heat insulation, allowing you to enjoy long, hot soaks. 

Product inclusions:

  • Stainless-steel heater with dual heat compartments
  • Polished stainless-steel chimney with protective sheath
  • Built-in hot tub drainage tap
  • Marine-grade vinyl exterior
  • Insulated cover
  • Hot tub steps
  • Chimney cap

Wooden Hot Tub: The Best Way to Enjoy Serene Soaks at Home

The allure of a wood-fired hot tub stems from its ability to transform a simple bath into a sensory-rich experience. Wooden hot tubs offer an off-the-grid feel and a soothing getaway, making them a worthwhile purchase for anyone seeking a tranquil at-home spa experience.

Shop now to purchase an at-home hot tub and create the relaxation haven you are craving. If you are still unsure which product you want to buy for your home, take our quick two-minute survey to learn more.