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Hybrid Saunas

Hybrid Saunas, the Latest Innovation

What do you get with a Hybrid Sauna? The chance to bask in the enveloping heat of a traditional sauna while also being able to benefit from the precise and effective warmth of infrared rays. It’s something that has long been considered a fantasy except for those who own two different sauna types: traditional and infrared.

However, this is no longer the case. My Sauna World has a collection of hybrid saunas that can deliver the best of both worlds. Key traits and benefits from both traditional and infrared saunas have been married together and even improved upon.

Aside from their duality, there is a lot more that hybrid saunas have to offer.

How Are Hybrid Saunas Different?

While hybrid saunas' most impressive and prominent feature is their ability to deliver two completely different experiences, there’s a lot more to their design. For example, many of the hybrid saunas in My Sauna World’s collection come with an electric heater that offers a surprising bit of functionality.

These electric heaters come with a section that houses rocks and stones. These rocks heat up during your sauna stay, and with just a light sprinkle of water, you can generate as much steam as you want. Opening up your pores and airways in the process with the rejuvenating steam.

Certain hybrid saunas even incorporate a backrest with rear infrared panels for precise targeting of different areas. This sauna type can offer quite a bit in the way of extra features, so it is important to check each hybrid sauna product page you might be interested in to know any special features they may offer, such as Bluetooth or chromotherapy. 

Hybrid Saunas and Their Unique Experience 

Hybrid saunas aren’t just efficient, they are all about customization. With their functionality and features, they allow you to tailor your session to fit your needs. It’s impossible to do the same in a spa or any other home sauna, for that matter. 

Hybrid saunas are about having your cake and eating it, too! Learn more about these amazing technological wellness tools with our hybrid saunas buyer’s guide.