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Dundalk Leisure Craft

Dundalk Leisure Craft Bucket and Ladle

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Bucket and Ladle by Dundalk Leisure Craft

The Dundalk LeisureCraft cedar sauna accessory collection is a great add-on to your sauna. The stylish and functional design will blend with your traditional sauna.

Enhance Your Experience

If you want to enjoy a “wet” sauna and make steam during your sauna sessions, then the cedar bucket and ladle is a perfect and necessary accessory. Simply fill the bucket with water and use the ladle to gently pour water on your heater rocks to create a burst of revitalizing steam. The ladle makes it easy to add the perfect amount of water each time. Plus, the high-quality cedar construction ensures the bucket and ladle can handle the heat of the sauna, without getting too hot for your hands.

Bucket & Ladle Details

One bucket and one ladle handcrafted in Canada with solid cedar and mortise and tenon joinery.