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Heater Types

What's the difference between wood-burning & electric heaters?
Both heater types are efficient heat sources and are safe to use to create steam.


Wood Burning heaters are ideal if you prefer the crackling ambience
of a real fire. They are very effective in heating up bigger spaces and
are recommended for large saunas, such as 6-person saunas (84”) or

Requirements: Wood-burning heaters require an additional chimney kit, and are only appropriate for outdoor use.


An electric heater is the best way to go if convenience is a
priority. With a flip of a switch (or a push of a mobile app button) an
electric heater will quickly and effortlessly heat your sauna.

Electric heaters require 220 volts and 30-40 amps of power, depending on the size of the heater. You will need a licensed electrician to connect it and hard-wire the heater to an electrical source.


A propane or natural gas heater is an excellent choice if you are
looking for a steady heat source that doesn’t require wood or an
electrical hookup. Propane and gas heaters provide a thorough heat and work much the same way as electric sauna stoves – fed by a gas line or propane tank, a metal plate is heated which warms the sauna stones and heats the space to a toasty 190F.

Requires a natural gas line or propane tank.