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WooD Types

What's the difference between sauna wood types?
All sauna wood types are moisture-resistant and durable, what makes them distinct is their appearance.

Cedar Overview

Cedar is one of the most popular sauna wood types due to its durability, natural beauty, ability to repel insects, stains, mildew, and decay.

Color & Scent: Western Red Cedar has deep reddish coloring, while Eastern White Cedar has a light creamy color.

Clear vs Rustic Cedar: “Clear” means no knots are present in the wood, giving it a smooth texture and modern look. “Rustic” means knots are present, giving it a provincial aesthetic.

Spruce Overview

Nordic Spruce is suitable for both outdoor and indoor sauna use, known for its durability and resistance against stains.

Color & Scent: Spruce is light in color with small, tight knots giving it an attractive, rustic appeal. It has little to no scent and is hypoallergenic.

Hemlock Overview

Canadian Hemlock (also known as Eastern Hemlock) is one of the most affordable sauna woods. It’s less suitable for outdoor environments, which is why it’s perfect for indoor and infrared saunas.

Color & Scent: Hemlock is a lovely light white color with uniform texture. Like Spruce, it has little to no scent, perfect for those with sensitive noses 

Douglas Fir Overview

Douglas Fir timber is highly valued for its strength, durability and appearance and is appropriate for both indoor and outdoor sauna use.

Color & Scent: Doug Fir has a beautiful uniform appearance with straight grain and a creamy yellow to reddish-brown color. It has little to no scent.

Thermally Treated Wood Overview

Thermally modified wood is a chemical-free process that naturally strengthens every board to its core. The result is an environmentally friendly and attractive sauna wood that’s more durable and stable than conventional timber.

Color & Scent: Thermal modification can be applied to ANY wood type to strengthen it. Once thermally modified, most woods take on a darker, more refined look that is both beautiful and unrivaled in its resistance to decay.