Almost Heaven Charleston 4 Person Canopy Barrel Sauna

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  • Charleston 4 Person Canopy Barrel Sauna by Almost Heaven

    The Canopy Barrel Sauna is an Almost Heaven original. It is handcrafted and is unmatched in quality, durability, and value.

    Design and Materials

    The best selling feature of this sauna is its visually round front porch, it is the perfect place to hold towels or drinks and to entertain.

    The front wall section is set back to enhance the look of the sauna with a functional and decorative porch.

    This classic barrel sauna design is built for efficiency, even distribution of heat, and visual appeal.

    Its ball and socket profile, held in place by stainless steel bands and minimal fasteners makes barrel saunas very sturdy.

    Canopy Barrel Saunas are available in your choice of White Fir, Rustic Cedar, or Clear Cedar.

    Thick tempered glass and stainless steel hardware support the integrity and durability of the unit as a whole.

    Highlighted Features

    Charleston’s 4 person capacity is perfect for those who wanted to rejuvenate their tired bodies.

    Assembled using a 1-3/8″ thick ball and socket lumber, a thickness that earns it a Lifetime Warranty from Almost Heaven.

    This unit is equipped with LED lights perfect for relaxation.

    With a 71″W x 64″L x 71″H interior dimension, it has enough space to fit opposite-facing benches without compromising comfort.

    Its opposite-facing benches allow users to enjoy a heartwarming conversation.

    The canopy porch has a dimension of 71″W x 29″L x 71″H, making it a perfect place to cool off in between sauna rounds.

    The installed heater fence not only protects but also provides an authentic sauna experience with its aromatic Western red cedar.

    It has a 6.0kw, 220v stainless steel heater from Harvia, the world leader in sauna heaters.

    This sauna can heat up the room to about 190 - 195F in less than an hour.