Almost Heaven Charleston 4 Person Canopy Barrel Sauna Glass Door White BG
Almost Heaven Charleston 4 Person Canopy Barrel Sauna - My Sauna World
Almost Heaven Charleston 4 Person Canopy Barrel Sauna - My Sauna World
Almost Heaven Charleston 4 Person Canopy Barrel Sauna Onyx Upgrade Example
Almost Heaven Charleston 4 Person Canopy Barrel Sauna Detail_Audra_Bench
Almost Heaven Charleston 4 Person Canopy Barrel Sauna
Almost Heaven Charleston 4 Person Canopy Barrel Sauna - My Sauna World
Almost Heaven Charleston 4 Person Canopy Barrel Sauna Inside view
Almost Heaven Charleston 4 Person Canopy Barrel Sauna Vista Window
Almost Heaven Charleston 4 Person Canopy Barrel Sauna Port window

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Almost Heaven Charleston 4 Person Canopy Barrel Sauna

"Highly recommend Sauna World for purchasing a Sauna! We can say enough about Sauna World there customer support is great! Our Pinnacle Sauna from Almost Heaven is epic."- Abby Lapan

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Wood Selection:White Fir

Almost Heaven Charleston 4 Person Canopy Barrel Sauna



With the Charleston, there is no such thing as too functional. Measuring 6’x8’, two feet of space have been allotted for the exterior benches. This provides more space to cool off after the sauna or to store water, towels, clothes, or even plants! The six feet of interior space is heated by a Harvia 6kW electric heater and can fit up to six people. 

The included heater will consistently achieve temperatures of 175–185F in 4560 minutes, or you can delay the start time to eight hours. Relaxation is only a few steps away with the Charleston barrel sauna!


Every inch of this sauna speaks of fine craftsmanship. Made with resilient, premium-grade timber, including white fir, rustic cedar, onyx upgrade, or thermally modified hemlock, its exterior showcases the rich, textured grains of the wood, emanating a warm, inviting glow that becomes even more enchanting under the canopy's gentle shade.

The standout feature is its extended canopy, offering a shaded outdoor respite. This space is perfect for cooling down between sessions or savoring a moment of tranquility amidst nature. The transparent, tempered glass door provides a seamless blend of safety and aesthetics, allowing plenty of natural light while indulging in the warmth.


  • Ball-and-socket lumber that is 1-3/8″ thick for optimal insulation
  • Any glass features are tempered 
  • Stainless steel bands, hinges, heater and fasteners
  • Includes: Interior LED light & sauna stones 
  • Weather-resistant plastic support cradles
  • Two interior opposite-facing benches for sitting or reclining
  • The canopy porch has two exterior opposite-facing benches
  • Appropriate for indoor or outdoor usage
  • Hand-crafted lumber profiles and end sections
  • Best-in-class electric heater 
  • Limited lifetime warranty on the sauna room; 5-year limited lifetime warranty on the heater and its components, with a 1-year warranty on the heating elements (coils)


 Capacity Holds up to four people
 Standard Heater size: 6kW, 240V, 30-amp electrical requirement, hardwire connect
 Lighting electrical: 110V, 15-amp service, plug-in connect
 Assembled size: 72″W x 95″D x 75 - 3/8″H
 Interior room size: 71″W x 64″D x 69 - 1/8″H
 Interior bench dimensions: 18″W x 64″L x 17″H
 Canopy porch size: 71″W x 29″D x 71″H
 Exterior bench dimensions: 18″W x 29″L x 25″H
 Cradle dimensions 54" x 6
 Shipping weight: 915 lbs
 Shipping size: 96″L x 41″W x 52″H


Note: Due to the size of the Charleston, specialized shipping is required. Please anticipate this shipping anywhere from 3-6 weeks from the date of order.

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Sauna with a Porch

The best selling feature of this 4-Person Charleston Sauna is its front porch – the perfect place to hold towels or drinks and to entertain. Your choice of light colored White Fir or classic Rustic Cedar (with knots) or Clear Cedar (no knots). Thick tempered glass for the front door and stainless steel hardware support the integrity and durability of this sauna as a whole, and opposite-facing benches inside allow you to enjoy a heartwarming conversation.

Charleston Specs & Upgrades

Equipped with LED lights for relaxation, this sauna comes with a variety of upgrades, including Himalayan Salt Panel, Floor Kit, or an all-wood sauna door. Exterior Porch Dimensions: 71″W x 29″L x 71″H. Interior: 71″W x 64″L x 71″H. Standard heater Size: 6.0kw, 220v, 30amp electrical requirement with a hard-wire connect (consult a certified electrician). Option to upgrade to an 8KW Virta Heater with Digital Control. Please note the Xenio control box and screen must either be installed indoors, or in a weatherproof box. Standard Almost Heaven Warranty applies to sauna room and heater.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Lance Davis

First of all the assembly was extremely simple! I literally needed my wife to help me for maybe 5 minutes at the most other than that I had it together in no time! Everything went together effortlessly and correctly. I did not have to “modify” anything! We got rid of our hot tub and switched to a sauna and could not be happier with our decision. We love it!!!

Hi Lance! We truly appreciate your review. Glad to know your sauna assembly went perfectly well. Your sauna looks amazing! Thanks for sharing a photo of it as well. Enjoy your sauna!

Steve H.

We love it! We put it in the basement of our Colorado cabin at 8000 feet of elevation and it's wonderful to play in the snow and then go warm up. It was easy to build, my only suggestion is that you sand the ends of the staves that are exposed but other than that we would highly recommend it to everyone.
Steve and Sheryl Helburg

Thanks Steve! Love the pictures of how that fit into the room, looks like you measured perfectly.

We really appreciate your business, and taking the time to leave a review!

Joanne Y.

We love our sauna and use it all the time. Will never regret the investment.

Thank you so much for the review, Joanne! Glad to know you're loving your new sauna! Feel free to visit again if there's anything we can do for you in the future. Enjoy your sauna!

Perry S.

Took 2weeks to get the electrician but once everything up and working couldn’t be happier.only concern is we mounted the light above the heater on the back wall except the switch ended up halfway toward the outside wall and still becomes very hot and almost unable to adjust during a sauna

Hi Perry, thanks for the review, we appreciate it! The recommended placement of the LED light is usually at the back of the heater to avoid exposure on too much heat. Would you be able to email us a photo of the location of your light? I'd be happy to check with our supplier their recommendations given your light set up. Please email us at Enjoy your sauna!