Almost Heaven Grandview Barrel Sauna

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Wood Selection
  • Grandview Barrel Sauna by Almost Heaven

    Adding Grandview barrel sauna will bring a charming and relaxing ambiance to your outdoor yard, patio or garden. This design is a result of ingenuity and a testament to Almost Heaven's long-standing tradition of excellence.

    Design and Materials

    Grandview has a ball socket profile ensuring optimal safety and sturdiness.

    It offers a wide array of selection as it comes with the finest lumber such as Western red cedar.

    Its spacious interior allows wider opposite-facing benches, making conversations more relaxing and heart-warming.

    To ensure quality and maximum customer satisfaction, this unit comes standard electric heater with the option to upgrade to a high-performance wood-burning stove. NOTE: The Wood Burning Heater Option does not include the Chimney Installation Kit (sold separately).

    This sauna features stainless steel hardware, thick tempered glass, and high-grade softwood with smooth edges, adding sophistication and elegance.

    Highlighted Features

    This unit is perfect for entertaining as it can fit 8 people.

    Assembled using a 1-3/8″ thick ball and socket lumber, a thickness that earns it a Lifetime Warranty from Almost Heaven.

    The interior of the sauna is calmly lit with LED lights.

    With an 83″W x 75″L x 83″H interior dimension, bathers can lounge to their heart’s content.

    The canopy porch has a dimension of 83″W x 12″L x 83″H, making it a perfect place to cool off in between sauna rounds.

    Installed heater fence does not only protects but also provides an authentic sauna experience with its aromatic Western red cedar.

    It has an 8.0kw, 220v Harvia stainless steel heater, a world leader when it comes to sauna heaters.

    This sauna can heat up the room to about 190 - 195F in less than an hour.