Almost Heaven Madison 2-3-Person Indoor Sauna facing right with white background
Almost Heaven Madison 2-3-Person Indoor Sauna facing slightly at the right with background
Almost Heaven Madison 2-3-Person Indoor Sauna facing slightly at the left with background
The Bench inside the Almost Heaven Madison 2-3-Person Indoor Sauna
The Door Handle of Almost Heaven Madison 2-3-Person Indoor Sauna
Wall Heater and Remote Display for Almost Heaven Madison 2-3-Person Indoor Sauna
Wood Options (clear cedar, rustic cedar, white fir) for Almost Heaven Madison 2-3-Person Indoor Sauna
Specific dimensions for Almost Heaven Madison 2-3-Person Indoor Sauna
The Stone Storage at the side of the Almost Heaven Madison 2-3-Person Indoor Sauna

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Almost Heaven Madison 2-3-Person Indoor Sauna

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Almost Heaven Madison 2-3-Person Indoor Sauna

Almost Heaven Madison 2-3-Person Indoor Sauna

Control Your Wellness Journey

The Madison sauna empowers you to dictate the pace of your wellness journey effortlessly. With its user-friendly heater options, you're in charge of when and how you experience the soothing warmth. Opt for immediate heat to instantly melt away the stresses of the day, or choose to delay the start time by up to eight hours. This exceptional flexibility ensures that, whether you're planning a tranquil evening retreat or seeking a midday escape, the Madison sauna will be perfectly heated and ready to envelop you in comforting warmth.

Imagine the luxury of completing your daily tasks, knowing that your personal haven of relaxation is patiently awaiting your return. It's an invitation to create a seamless and harmonious wellness routine—a space where you can align your sauna experience with the rhythm of your life. With the Madison sauna, you hold the reins of your well-being, effortlessly weaving moments of serenity into the tapestry of your day.

Elevate Your Well-Being

For individuals committed to holistic well-being, the Almost Heaven Madison 2-3-Person Indoor Sauna becomes an integral part of their wellness routine. These individuals prioritize health and wellness, embracing practices like yoga, meditation, and nourishing whole-food meals.

The Madison sauna becomes a sanctuary where they can enhance their commitment to self-care. It's a space to escape the noise and distractions of the world, embrace the therapeutic power of heat therapy, and rejuvenate both body and mind. It's a symbol of tranquility and efficiency—a place where you can fully immerse yourself in the art of self-care.

Privacy and Rejuvenation Await You

In a world where privacy is often elusive, the Madison sauna stands as a testament to the value of solitude in the pursuit of well-being. It offers a rare opportunity to find solace within your private sanctuary—an invitation to disconnect from the world's chaos and reconnect with your inner self.

The Almost Heaven Madison 2-3-Person Indoor Sauna is more than a product; it's a lifestyle choice—an affirmation of your dedication to self-care and well-being. It's an oasis where privacy and tranquility converge to create an unparalleled wellness experience, one that promises to enrich your life and well-being profoundly. Discover the art of solitude and rejuvenation with the Madison sauna—a space where you can truly find yourself and embrace the transformative journey toward radiant health and vitality.


  • Lumber:. Tongue-and-groove lumber sections: 1-3/8” finished thickness
  • Glass:. Tempered glass door
  • Hardware:. Stainless steel hinges, heater, and fasteners
  • Lighting. Interior LED light
  • Accessories. Best-in-class heater & sauna stones


    Capacity Holds two to three people
    Heater Size 4.5kW, 240V, 30-amp requirement, hard-wire connect
    Lighting Electrical 110V, 15-amp service, plug-in connect
    Exterior Dimensions 65″W x 53″D x 78″H
    Interior Dimensions 60″W x 48″D x 77″H
    Lower Bench Size 21″L x 16″W x 22″H
    Upper Bench Size 60″L x 22″W x 36″H
    Door Size 64″H x 24″W
    Shipping Size  74″L x 40″W x 40″H
    Assembled Weight 635 lbs.
    Shipping Weight 700 lbs.
    • Note: All dimensions are approximate


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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    Viviene W.

    This was our first use and it was refreshing, my grandson thoroughly enjoyed it and said "It was more than i expected". My sweat was so salty telling me that I really lacked the detoxing necessary for good health. I could also feel the difference in breathing as my airways seems so open and clear.
    I cant wait to sue it again.

    Hey Viviene, thanks for the great review! Hope you and the family enjoy the new sauna for many years to come.

    Andrew H
    Overall Fantastic Experience

    I am extremely pleased with my sauna purchase from Almost Heaven.

    The delivery was seamless and the installation was as described. AH provides a lot of documentation and instructions to put together the sauna. From my experience having two people is ideal to help put it together.

    The sauna itself is sturdy and the materials are quality. The sauna gets up to temperature quickly and is well insulated. The full experience is great and I'm very happy I chose this sauna.

    Hi Andrew, thank you for your kind words and for choosing Almost Heaven for your sauna purchase! We are pleased to hear that your overall experience was fantastic and that our delivery and installation instructions were helpful. We strive to provide high-quality materials and a sturdy sauna for our customers. We hope you continue to enjoy your sauna and thank you for your support!

    Seth M.
    Great Sauna!

    I bought the Madison 2-3 person indoor sauna with LED lights, 6.0 kW heater, cedar, with glass door. From the beginning, customer service was top notch. Once I made the order, someone reached out right away to assist me. You do not need to order stones, they come with the sauna. I did order the ladle, bucket, and thermometer separately.

    Delivery went well. It comes in a giant cardboard box with pallets. I had most of the tools but I did have to buy a couple drill bits. Your mileage may vary. Assembly was straight forward and I was able to put it together over the course of a day.

    It took a while but I was able to get an electrician to come out and hook up the heater. The temperature sensor is inside the heater coiled up. Initially, I did have an issue with the heater. I turned it on just fine and I let it run for a one hour cycle. After it was complete, I tried to turn it on and it was not working. When you turn the dial clockwise, you should hear two loud "clunks". I had no clunks. I had power at the panel and at the heater. Customer service helped out once again. Turns out, the temperature reset button on the bottom of the unit was tripped. I checked it before but it did not seem to be tripped. In my case, the 6.0 kW heater has a recessed button that I need a small screwdriver to push back inside. Once I did that, the heater worked and I have not had an issue since. I use my sauna almost every evening.

    Thank you so much, Seth for the review. We appreciate you sharing your customer experience here. This would be a great help to let our future customers know that getting their home sauna is very easy.

    Please know that you can always reach out to us should you have any questions or concerns about your sauna. We'd always be happy to assist you. Thank you for your business. Enjoy your sauna!

    Richard Lovely
    Absolute Heaven Sauna is Absolutely Heaven

    The whole experience with My Sauna World from ordering to delivery was as smooth as it could be. Communication was great and the detailed instructions made the assembly a snap. This company really knows what they are doing. Need a it here,

    Thank you so much Richard for the review. Working with you has been a great experience for us! We truly appreciate your trust and support. Please know that you can always reach out to us for any sauna questions you have and we'd be more than happy to help. Enjoy your sauna!

    Caroline Riddle
    Very therapeutic

    My husband and I are loving our in home steam sauna.

    Hi Caroline! Glad to know you are both loving your home sauna. Please know that you can always reach out to us for any sauna questions and we'd be happy to help. Enjoy your sauna for many years! We sincerely appreciate your business.