Almost Heaven Salem 2-person Standard Barrel Sauna Front view
Almost Heaven Salem 2-person Standard Barrel Sauna front view with background
Almost Heaven Salem 2-person Standard Barrel Sauna - My Sauna World
Almost Heaven Salem 2-person Standard Barrel Sauna Onyx Upgrade fron view
Almost Heaven Salem 2-person Standard Barrel Sauna Onyx upgrade WIth Inclusions
Almost Heaven Salem 2-person Standard Barrel Sauna inside view
Almost Heaven Salem 2-person Standard Barrel Sauna - My Sauna World
Almost Heaven Salem 2-person Standard Barrel Sauna - My Sauna World
Almost Heaven Salem 2-person Standard Barrel Sauna - My Sauna World

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Almost Heaven Salem 2-person Standard Barrel Sauna

"Highly recommend Sauna World for purchasing a Sauna! We can say enough about Sauna World there customer support is great! Our Pinnacle Sauna from Almost Heaven is epic."- Abby Lapan

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Wood Selection:White Fir

Salem 2-Person Standard Barrel Sauna by Almost Heaven


Built to accommodate two people, this 6’x4’ traditional sauna can fit any space, including a closet, bathroom, or backyard. Its compact design brings the luxurious sauna experience to your door, requiring only a small footprint.

Drawing from traditional Finnish saunas, the Salem Barrel Sauna showcases impeccable craftsmanship using high-quality cedarwood, a tempered glass door, and an electric heater. 


Designed for two, this sauna is the perfect escape to share with a loved one or while enjoying solitary, meditative relaxation. From detoxification and improved circulation to enhanced skin health and relaxation, the Salem 2-Person Standard Barrel Sauna by Almost Heaven is your personal wellness sanctuary.

Experience a world of pure relaxation and wellness, where every feature is crafted with your utmost comfort, convenience, and safety in mind.


  • Authentic Cedarwood Construction: Crafted from premium cedarwood, known for its durability, pleasant aroma, and natural resistance to moisture and decay.
  • Unique Barrel Design: The barrel design offers an aesthetically pleasing look and ensures efficient heat distribution for a truly immersive sauna experience.
  • Cozy Two-Person Capacity: The Salem sauna is designed for those who require a smaller space to unwind.  Perfectly sized for intimate relaxation sessions, alone or with a partner.
  • Efficient Electric Heater: Provides consistent and optimal temperatures of 190–195 degrees Fahrenheit and quick heating in 45 minutes, prioritizing performance and energy conservation.
  • Tempered Glass Door: A sturdy and elegant glass door offers plenty of natural light while keeping safety and heat retention top-of-mind.
  • Ambient Interior Lighting: Adds to the tranquil sauna ambiance, enhancing relaxation and rejuvenation.
  • Easy Assembly Design: Thoughtfully crafted for hassle-free assembly, letting you set up your wellness retreat in only a few hours without needing a contractor.
  • Natural Health Benefits: It aids in detoxification, improves circulation, promotes skin health, and provides deep relaxation.
  • Durable and Low-Maintenance Construction: The cedarwood construction maintains the sauna's longevity with minimal upkeep.
  • Effective Ventilation System: Integrated vents maintain airflow, optimizing the sauna environment and ensuring safety.

      Lumbers: White Fir & Rustic Cedar
      Capacity: 2-person
      Assembled Size: 72″W x 47″L x 77″H
      Interior Room Size: 71″W x 39″L x 71″H
      Shipping Weight: 540 lbs
      Shipping Size: 41″W x 74″L x 48″H
      Heater Size: 4.5kw, 220v, 30 Amp requirement, hard-wire connect


      Order Almost Heaven Salem 2-person Standard Barrel Sauna today from Shop now and indulge yourself!


      Compact & Powerful

      The Salem sauna is perfect for those with an eye for efficiency. Built to accommodate up to two people, this 6’x4’ traditional sauna will be at home in any backyard or home gym. Its compact design brings the sauna experience to your door without compromising space. Tempered glass door with a long handle (stainless steel on the outside, wooden on the inside) with opposite-facing benches, stainless steel bands, hinges, and fasteners. The Salem sauna is available in light-colored White Fir or classic Rustic Cedar.

      A Touch of Luxury!

      Featuring a tempered glass door and ambient interior lighting, the Salem Barrel Sauna merges functionality with an unmistakable touch of luxury. Experience the timeless tradition of sauna bathing with the Almost Heaven Salem 2-person Standard Barrel Sauna. Whether it's to unwind after a long day, indulge in some self-care, or simply elevate your home spa experience, this sauna is a ticket to unparalleled relaxation. Embrace the warmth. Embrace wellness. Embrace the best of sauna experiences.

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 9 reviews
      Jeremiah LeRoy
      Absolutely Love it

      We’ve had the sauna about a month and I couldn’t be happier. Assembly took about 4-5 hours with two people and was pretty straight forward. We’ve been using it 4-5 times a week and with the 6kW heater it heats up in 20 minutes. It’s definitely a small sauna that fits a max of two but it’s perfect for my wife and I. I love the smell of the cedar. Overall a great investment in our physical and mental wellbeing.

      Hi Jeremiah, thank you so much for the review. Glad to know everything went well with the sauna assembly. Enjoy your sauna sessions with your wife and you both stay healthy! Reach out to us anytime if you need assistance. Keep in touch! We truly appreciate this.

      Mark H.

      Easy build time to relax.

      Hi Mark! Thank you for the review and for sharing a photo of your barrel sauna with us. It looks amazing! We are happy that everything went so well. Enjoy your sauna for many many years! Feel free to reach out anytime if there's anything we can do for you in the future.

      Erik K.

      Easy to assemble, quality product.

      Finished with some cedar stain.

      Love the way this looks with the stain! Thanks again for your business Erik. Hope you enjoy your sauna for years to come.

      Rossy Q.

      The only regret I have is not buying one sooner!
      The instructions were clear, and it was definitely a two person job to put together.
      The screws that came with it weren’t great, but we ended up just pre drilling the holes to screw them in which made it easier to get them into the wood.

      We are lucky enough to have a huge recreational room that we use as a home gym, so we set it up inside our house which means it’s accessible year round and wont weather by being outside.

      Make sure you have your electrician ready to hard wire it the day you set it up, because you’ll definitely want to use it right away!

      So glad you're enjoying your new sauna, it looks great in there!

      Thanks again for your business (and the nice review!), and please reach out to us anytime if we can help in the future.

      Lane G. W.

      Purchased a 2 person Almost Heaven barrel sauna and were delighted with the product. The order process was quick and easy, the sauna arrived on-time, installation was simple, following the provided instructions, and the sauna is extremely high quality. We’ve used it daily for over 2 weeks and quite frankly I don’t know how we lived without it. If I had it to do over again I wouldn’t change a thing... except maybe purchasing a 4 person model to easier share with friends!