Almost Heaven Watoga 4-Person Standard Barrel Sauna facing left with white background
Almost Heaven Watoga 4-Person Standard Barrel Sauna facing slightly right with a background
Almost Heaven Watoga 4-Person Standard Barrel Sauna facing front with a background
Almost Heaven Watoga 4-Person Standard Barrel Sauna facing slightly right with a background
The Barrel Interior of Almost Heaven Watoga 4-Person Standard Barrel Sauna
The Heater with Heater Guard of Almost Heaven Watoga 4-Person Standard Barrel Sauna
The Door Handle of Almost Heaven Watoga 4-Person Standard Barrel Sauna
Wall Heater and Remote Display for Almost Heaven Watoga 4-Person Standard Barrel Sauna
Wood Options (clear cedar, rustic cedar, white fir) for  Almost Heaven Watoga 4-Person Standard Barrel Sauna
Specific dimensions for Almost Heaven Watoga 4-Person Standard Barrel Sauna

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Almost Heaven Watoga 4-Person Standard Barrel Sauna

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Almost Heaven Watoga 4-Person Standard Barrel Sauna

    Efficient Heating and Ultimate Convenience

    At the heart of the Watoga sauna experience lies the Harvia 4.5kW electric heater, designed for efficient heating that elevates your sauna sessions to new heights of comfort. With precision and reliability, this heater warms the sauna space to a soothing 180ºF, providing you with the ideal climate for relaxation and well-being. Whether you choose to enjoy the sauna alone or with friends, the Watoga sauna ensures that every moment is a rewarding one.

    But what if your sauna plans are for later in the day? The Watoga sauna offers the ultimate convenience by allowing you to delay the start time by up to eight hours. It's a feature that empowers you to prepare for your sauna session at your own pace, knowing that when the time is right, your sanctuary of warmth and relaxation will be ready and waiting.

    Wellness Enthusiasts

    For wellness enthusiasts, the Watoga sauna represents a vital piece of the holistic well-being puzzle. These individuals understand that true wellness encompasses not only physical fitness but also mental and emotional balance. They embrace a lifestyle that includes nourishing whole-food meals, exploring the great outdoors through activities like hiking, cultivating inner peace through yoga, and fostering mindfulness through meditation. The Watoga sauna becomes an integral part of this wellness journey, offering a space where they can amplify their commitment to self-care and elevate their overall quality of life. It's a sanctuary where they can find solace, rejuvenate their bodies, and nurture their minds and spirits.

    Creating Memories and Meaningful Connections

    While the Watoga sauna offers the gift of privacy, it also provides the opportunity to create lasting memories and meaningful connections. With room for up to four people, you can choose to share the sauna experience with friends or family. It's a space where conversations deepen, laughter fills the air, and bonds are strengthened. The Watoga sauna becomes a place where you can forge connections and celebrate the gift of well-being together. It's an invitation to share the transformative power of sauna therapy, creating moments of relaxation, connection, and joy that enrich your lives.

    A Space Where Wellness Becomes a Lifestyle

    The Watoga sauna is more than just a sauna; it's a space where wellness becomes a lifestyle. It's a sanctuary where you can escape the demands of the world, reconnect with your inner self, and rejuvenate both your body and soul. It's a place where you can choose to sauna alone, finding solace in the warmth and stillness, or share the experience with friends and family, creating memories and connections that last a lifetime. The Almost Heaven Watoga 4-Person Standard Barrel Sauna is your invitation to elevate your well-being, embrace a holistic approach to health, and make decisions that support your physical, mental, and emotional well-being. It's a sanctuary where you can check your worries at the door, step into the comforting warmth, and embark on a transformative journey towards radiant health and vitality.


    • Lumber: Tongue-and-groove construction: 1-3/8” finished thickness
    • Glass: Tempered glass door and windows
    • Hardware: Stainless steel hinges, heater, and fasteners
    • Lighting: Back-lit lighting on the salt wall with multi-color choices
    • Accessories: Best-in-class 8kw heater & sauna stones


    Capacity Holds two to four people
    Heater Size 4.5kW, 240V, 30-amp requirement, hardwire connect
    Lighting Electrical 110V, 15-amp service, plug-in connect
    Assembled Size 72″W x 59″D x 75 - 3/8″H
    Interior Room Size 71″W x 51″D x 69 - 1/8″H
    Bench Dimensions 18″W x 51″L x 17″H
    Cradle Dimensions  54" x 6"


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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 8 reviews
    Great value, beautiful product and excellent customer service

    I ordered my sauna through MSW because they offered the same product. I could find elsewhere at a much better value. immediately, I messaged them through the website and they were highly responsive. They even threw in a discount code and free shipping along with extra items I’d have to pay for on other sites.

    The heater upgrade was awesome, and we’ve been able to get it up to 170° so far. Still tinkering with it, hoping to get to 200 at some point.

    Assembly was fairly straightforward, and I was able to complete the build in six hours by myself minus a little bit of help from my wife to hold the structure up as I installed the front and back panels. I’m in pretty good shape though, so I’d recommend to people for the whole job and give yourself more than a day if needed.

    The instructions were fairly straightforward, though I was confused about a few of the steps, mostly around the heater, placement and sensor. Thankfully, I found the Facebook group where I was able to ask questions and work through it. Some of the instructions seems to be generic, and not specific to my build, so I’d recommend , watching some YouTube videos for your specific sauna to make sure you’re placing everything in the ideal position before screwing anything in. I ended up drilling a few holes in the back wall that I had to putty over and thankfully they’re not visible to the naked eye.

    We had an issue with the first heater sent and the folks MSW were super helpful in getting us a functioning one.

    The only reason I am rating the experience 4-star instead of 5 is because of the confusion in the instructions. Everything else was pretty much perfect.

    Thank you so much for the review, Frank. Glad to know the assembly went smoothly. Your sauna looks great, thank you for sharing these photos with us.

    We appreciate your feedback about the instructions. We'll reach out to Almost Heaven about this for consideration in the future, surely they'll appreciate it as much as we do.

    You can always reach out to us anytime or our Facebook Group if you have any questions. Enjoy your sauna!

    Lata A.

    Love this little sauna! We upgraded to a 8kw heater and it heats up to 175-185 in 20ish mins. Can get higher too. Rustic cedar smells amazing. We did end up spending close to $800 for electrician to setup the heater + parts and for sauna assembly, But it would have been a bit cheaper if we assembled ourselves. It looks great in the backyard too. Customer service we received throughout was great as well. Always quick to respond to our questions. We have already recommended this company to some friends.

    Hi Lata, thank you so much for the review. Your sauna looks very lovely! You've got a powerful heater there and nice barrel sauna set-up too.

    We truly enjoyed working with you. Please, come and visit again if there's anything we can do to help. Enjoy your sauna for many long years!

    Jordan B.

    Absolutely love this sauna! Took me a little over 5 hours to assemble by myself and use it at least once a day! Been such an awesome purchase! Highly recommend it, great quality and of course doing business with my sauna world was an absolute pleasure. Great customer service and communication! Wouldn't do business with anyone else!

    Thanks for sharing the picture of your new barrel sauna Jordan, it looks great out there! We really enjoyed working with you, please don't hesitate to come back if we can do anything else for you in the future.

    Sean M.

    Great Customer Service and a breeze to put together.Excellent shipping and the Sauna is top notch, couldn’t be happier

    Sean, thanks so much for the kind review! It was a pleasure working with you. Enjoy your new sauna.

    Almost Heaven Watoga 4-Person Standard Barrel Sauna

    So far the sauna has been great. Heats up well and easy to use. Also looks aesthetically great in the backyard.

    Thank you for your positive review of the Almost Heaven Watoga 4-Person Standard Barrel Sauna! We are glad to hear that it is heating up well and easy to use, and that it adds to the aesthetic of your backyard. We hope you continue to enjoy your sauna experience. Thank you for choosing Almost Heaven Saunas.