Baltic Leisure TYLO Sense Combi U7 Sauna Heater

TYLO Sense Combi U7 TYLO6100-1076 Sauna Heater by Baltic Leisure

Sense Combi Pure is one of Tylo's latest combi heaters - giving you a dry sauna, wet sauna and steam in a single heater. The heater has both standby mode and "divided output" to make your sauna experience energy efficient. In addition, it includes the highly affordable Pure control panel.

Product Highlights:

  • SENSE COMBI U-7, 240v-1ph/7kw/30 amps - Output using 208v-1ph/5.3kw/26 amps.
  • Dimensions: 17" x 22" x 14 3/4"
  • For saunas up 140 to 320 cubic feet
  • Pure Control Panel included.
  • Includes 25 lbs. of premium sauna rocks

Tylo Sense Combi U7 TYLO6100-1076 Pure Control Panel:

Thermostat- controlled touch control panel, for installation inside or outside the sauna room. Control displays time and temperature settings on a numbered scale. 0-10 hour preset. Low voltage connection gives more flexibility when locating the control panel at a distance from the heater. May also be connected to an external switch or linked to a computer for remote control operation. Simple and intuitive to operate.







14 3/4"


40v/1ph - 7kw - 30 amps - 8 Gauge Wire / 208/1ph - 5.3kw - 26 amps - 10 Gauge Wire

Control Panel Type:

Pure Control Panel included


For saunas up to 320 cubic feet