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Dundalk Leisure Craft

Dundalk Leisure Craft Cedar Roof with EPDM Rubber

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Sauna Option:Clear Western Red Cedar Barrel Sauna

Roof with EPDM Rubber by Dundalk Leisure Craft

The rubber roof options add extra protection for water on the inside.

Extend Your Sauna's Life

Dundalk Barrel Saunas are made to last. But if you live somewhere with a lot of snow and rain, you might want some added protection. In that case, it’s worth it to get a slatted cedar roof with EPDM Rubber for your barrel sauna.

EPDM Roof Details

The rubber is waterproof and durable adding extra protection against the elements, and the cedar slats add some visual interest and appeal. And since it’s designed specifically for any Dundalk Barrel Saunas, it's very easy to take on or off.