M3 SL Woodburning Stove by Harvia

The Harvia M3 SL wood-heated stove provides twice the opportunities to enjoy the heat. The stove is placed in the sauna and the firewood is inserted into the fire chamber from the other side of the wall.

While one bather is still sitting in the sauna, the other one can cook sausages over the fire or watch the fire glowing behind the cast-iron-framed glass door. The SL stove gives off great steam in small and medium-sized saunas. Familiarise yourself with this masterpiece of technology by Harvia.

  • Heater Stone included
  • The Wood Burning Heater Option does not include the Chimney Installation Kit (sold separately).

Product Specification of HARVIA M3 SL WOOD BURNING STOVE

Color Black
Output kW 16,5
Weight kg 50
Dimensions depth cm 43 + 22
Dimensions width cm 39
Dimensions height cm 71
Sauna room min. m3 6
Sauna room max. m3 13
Sauna min. height 190
Stone capacity max. kg 30 (Ø 10-15 cm)
Fire chamber cover mm 5
Diameter of smoke outlet mm 115


Installation Guide PDF
Harvia Heater Manual PDF   Wood Stove Installation Guide   Harvia Heater Install