Scandia Himalayan Salt Wall Panels 18"x16"
Scandia Himalayan Salt Wall Panels 18"x16"
Scandia Himalayan Salt Wall Panels 18"x16"
Scandia Himalayan Salt Wall Panels 18"x16"

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Scandia Himalayan Salt Wall Panels 18"x16"

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Holistic Harmony: Scandia Himalayan Salt Wall Panels 18"x16"

Scandia Himalayan Salt Wall Panels 18"x16"

The Scandia Himalayan Salt Wall Panels offer a touch of holistic elegance to any wellness space. Measuring 18"x16", these panels are not only a visually striking addition to your sauna or spa but also contribute to a healthier, more invigorating environment. The natural properties of Himalayan salt bring a new layer of therapeutic benefit to your relaxation routine.

Therapeutic Ambiance: Health Benefits and Soft Glow

Himalayan salt is renowned for its health-promoting ions and minerals, which are released when the salt is gently heated, aiding in air purification and promoting a feeling of well-being. The soft, amber glow of the Scandia Salt Wall Panels creates a serene ambiance, enhancing the tranquil experience of your relaxation space while providing subtle, soothing light.

Artisan Craftsmanship: Natural Beauty and Durability

Each Scandia Himalayan Salt Wall Panel is carefully crafted to showcase the natural beauty of the salt crystals. The durability of these panels ensures they are a long-lasting addition to your sauna or spa, requiring minimal maintenance while delivering maximum visual and health benefits.

Versatile Installation: Aesthetic Integration

Designed for versatility, the Scandia Salt Wall Panels can be easily integrated into a variety of spaces, from traditional saunas to modern spa rooms. Whether installed as a feature wall or used to accentuate specific areas, these panels offer flexibility in design and installation, allowing you to customize your wellness area to suit your aesthetic preferences.

A Transformative Element: Elevate Your Wellness Space

Incorporating Scandia Himalayan Salt Wall Panels into your relaxation area not only elevates the space visually but also enhances the overall wellness experience. The natural properties of the Himalayan salt can contribute to improved breathing, skin health, and a more balanced mood, making these panels a transformative element for both mind and body.


  • Made from genuine Himalayan salt for therapeutic benefits
  • Emits a soft, ambient glow to create a relaxing atmosphere
  • Crafted for durability and natural aesthetic appeal
  • Easy to install for versatile design integration
  • Enhances air quality and promotes overall well-being
  • Simple installation with our building block system.
  • Engineered Salt Panels are removable for easy maintenance and repair.
  • Easy to incorporate into a new or existing sauna.
  • Add panels with or without plug-and-play LED Lighting.
  • All panels include 100% natural Himalayan salt blocks.
  • One salt panel with mounting bracket for snap-together paneling
  • (6) 6" x 8" salt bricks.

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Customer Reviews

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Beautiful addition

Easy to install, link, and it looks great!

Thank you for your positive review! We're glad to hear that our Scandia Himalayan Salt Wall Panels were easy to install and added a beautiful touch to your space. We appreciate your feedback and hope you continue to enjoy your purchase. Thanks for choosing our product!

Richard Lovely
Salt panel is spicy nice

The salt panel was a great addition to our Madison Sauna. It has excellent grain which is accented by the amazing color lights that glow through the panel. Also when you hit the rocks with a splash of water you can feel the heat bounce off the panel. Great addition if you are considering this option.

Thank you so much Richard for the review and for these beautiful photos. They truly look amazing! Enjoy your sauna and your Himalayan salt panel!