SaunaLife Model G11 - My Sauna World
SaunaLife Model G11 - My Sauna World
SaunaLife Model G11 - My Sauna World
SaunaLife Model G11 - My Sauna World
SaunaLife Model G11 - My Sauna World
SaunaLife Model G11 - My Sauna World


SaunaLife Model G11

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SaunaLife Model G11

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Discover sauna bathing enchantment and a lifetime of wellness with the SaunaLife Garden-Series G11 outdoor home sauna suite.  

Spacious and Comfortable 

Lavishly designed for sauna splendor, the G11 features two large spaces and can accommodate family and friends. One half of the G11 is a sauna room featuring 2-tier benching for seating up to 8 bathers! The second, equal-sized room is a lounge and dressing room with additional seating and is separated from the sauna by a partition wall with a tempered glass door. Unlike any other backyard sauna kit, the G11’s charming organic design complements its surroundings and blends beautifully with nature.

The shrouded front terrace offers a table and benches for relaxing before or after your sauna. A second table on the terrace provides wood storage below for those who elect to use a wood-fired sauna stove. Large round windows on the door and wall allow natural light in, along with a rectangular window on the back of the dressing room. 

Impressively robust construction 

The G11 is engineered to withstand the harshest weather conditions and includes a full shingle kit with roll-on underlayment. 

Beautifully illuminated 

The optional lighting package includes a white exterior LED lighting sconce that mounts next to the front door to illuminate the entrance and terrace. This lighting system elegantly illuminates the interior with neon indirect white lighting behind and under the bench. LED valance lights adjust to your choice of white or infinite color and are mounted on each side of the partition wall to create a multi-sensory sauna experience. All lighting is dimmable and controlled by a single hand-held remote with a convenient wall mount.

Indulge yourself with the home wellness sanctuary that you and your family deserve - the SaunaLife G11 sauna suite. 


  • Beautiful and durable Thermo-spruce exterior 
  • 2-Room layout with changing room and sauna 
  • Ergonomically constructed to support airflow circulation
  • Two-tier, L shaped sauna benching 
  • Whimsical design that improves relaxation 
  • Round windows that allow for your nature viewing 
  • Lockable wooden front door with three decorative windows
  • Up to 8 bathers
  • Designed by SaunaLife and handcrafted in Northern Europe 


    • Full-length Thermo-Pine staves (1.65” thick)
    • Benches of Thermo-Aspen (1.1” bench tops, no knots)
    • Backrest of Thermo-Aspen (1.1” rests, no knots)
    • Front Room benches of Thermo-Pine ( 1“ thick )
    • Terrace Benches and table of thermo pine (1.1“ thick“)
    • Sauna Room Floor grid of Thermo Pine ( 0,7“ Thick)
    • Tempered bronze glass door between front room and sauna room
    • Wooden door with 3 windows ( Standard glass ) – lockable
    •  round window in front wall ( Standard glass )
    • Openable window in back wall
    • Stainless steel barrel bands
    • Black roof shingle kit
    • Extra roofing underlay to go under shingles
    • Spruce cradles, Spruce fascia board
    •  Air intake and exhaust vents
    •  Extra staves (2)
    • Fastener kit


      Model Model G11
      Exterior Materials Thermo-Spruce-Thickness 1.65"
      Front and back wall Thermo-Spruce-Thickness 1.10"
      Partition wall Thermo-Spruce cladding on both sides - thickness 0.7"
      Porch Dimensions L 22" x W 157" x H 91"
      Porch bench material Thermo-Spruce
      Porch table material Thermo-Spruce
      Firewood storage material Thermo-Spruce
      Front room dimensions L 91" x W 76" x H 91"
      Sauna room dimensions L 91" x W 76" x H 91"
      Window dimensions 15" x 26" - openable!
      Round window dimensions Diameter 35"
      Window glass style Single Glass- 4mm
      Interior door Tempered glass door ( Bronze ) thickness 8mm SIZE 28" x 74"
      Exterior door Spruce laminated frame-size 28" x 74"
      Sauna bench material Thermo-Aspen
      Sauna backrest material Thermo-Aspen
      Front room bench material Thermo-Spruce
      Full Floor Material Thermo-Spruce
      Shipping dimensions 196.8"L x 47.2"D x 47.2"H
      Shipping weight 3196 lbs (1450 kg)



      The weight or size of this sauna requires truck delivery by special appointment (LTL), on an oversized pallet. The driver is responsible for curbside delivery only and will lower the items to ground level. Please note that it is the customer's responsibility to transport the sauna to its final location. Kindly expect a call from the shipping company to schedule a delivery appointment. 


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