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Saunacore Wooden Thermo/HygroMeter

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Wooden Thermo/Hygro Meter by Saunacore

Whether you wanted to maintain dry heat or moistened the air a little bit, this accessory will surely come handy.

  • Crafted with the highest quality cedar
  • Fungi and decay resistant
  • Subtle aromatic properties
  • Made to withstand fluctuating temperatures and high humidity

A Must-Have in Every Sauna

Whether you want to maintain dry heat or moisten the air a little bit, use this tool to monitor the temperature and watch the humidity rise from ~5% to ~100% anytime you pour water on the stones. Subtle aromatic properties and crafted from the highest quality cedar.

One Accessory = 2 Pieces of Data

Made to withstand high humidity and fluctuating temperatures, this thermometer shows temperature in Fahrenheit and Celsius and a humidity range from 0 - 100. Designed for the sauna, this tool is mildew resistant.