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Almost Heaven Outdoor Saunas

Your Indoor Sauna, Your Way

More Relaxation as You Connect With Nature

Wouldn’t it be nice to get healthier skin as you watch the sunrise? Almost Heaven outdoor saunas give you the unique opportunity to reconnect with nature and catch these fleeting little moments while granting you all the skin and physical health benefits that saunas are known for.

The unique barrel shape is commonplace in many Almost Heaven outdoor saunas and is a shape that improves heat distribution, making for an effective sauna that does more with less. This ability to consistently circulate hot air and steam throughout its interior makes Almost Heaven outdoor saunas a fantastic addition to your skincare routine.

Resistant to Bugs and Decay

You’d think that outdoor saunas would eventually be chewed through by insects or rot. However, Almost Heaven outdoor saunas are constructed using rustic cedar and thermally modified hemlock. These wood types are resistant to both insects and general forms of decay.

This is possible because the thermally modified hemlock has had its excess moisture content removed. As a result, it is less prone to warping and cracking. Fortunately, these qualities are part and parcel of Almost Heaven outdoor saunas.

There are many more innovative and unique materials that the saunas in our collections are made from. To find out what sauna best works for you, consider taking two minutes to complete our sauna quiz and learn your sauna type.

Environmentally Ready

Not only are Almost Heaven outdoor saunas resistant to decay and insects, but even severe weather doesn’t stand a chance. The same thermally modified hemlock from before is the reason why.

There’s a lot more that our Almost Heaven outdoor saunas collection has to offer. Consider skimming through our buyer’s guide for more information.