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 Everything You Need to Know About Mr Steam


Here at My Sauna World, we talk a lot about saunas, but a steam shower is another unsung hero in the heat therapy space. Steam showers are an awesome option for those who might not have the space for a traditional sauna because a steam shower doesn’t take up much space at all. In fact, you can fit a steam generator right in your bathroom and hook it up to your shower directly.

Mr Steam is a steam generator brand that packs a punch in the steam shower (or steam sauna) scene. The great thing about Mr Steam is that you can hook your generator to Amazon Alexa when you download the app SteamLinx. This gives you the convenience and complete control over your steam shower every time you use it.

Let’s learn more about steam showers, how they are different from saunas, and how Mr Steam is the right option for your home. 

If you are still looking for additional information about purchasing your own sauna or steam shower, take our two-minute quiz to learn more about which product is the best for your needs.

What is a Steam Sauna?

Steam saunas (steam rooms/steam showers) are similar to dry saunas, except for one huge difference. Dry saunas focus on dry heat and a higher temperature. The only time you experience a little humidity is when you pour water on your sauna stones, and that humidity is minimal. On the other hand, a steam sauna primarily focuses on humidity, as the humidity level is up to 100%.

Steam saunas are also typically brought to a lower temperature than a traditional sauna, ranging from 105 to 120 degrees Fahrenheit. Another difference between a traditional sauna and a steam sauna is its footprint. A dry sauna takes up much more room than a steam sauna as it needs a nook of your home or backyard. A steam sauna can simply be hooked up to your shower, making your shower the sauna itself.

A steam generator heats water until it boils, creating the steam you breathe during your steam room session. A steam shower is also designed to have great ventilation and excellent air quality, so you don’t breathe in stale and gross-smelling air.

The Difference Between a Steam Sauna and a Dry Sauna

The humidity level is the biggest difference between a dry sauna and a steam sauna. A steam sauna usually pumps the humidity level all the way up to 100%, whereas a dry sauna’s humidity level hovers around 10 to 20%. Usually, a dry sauna has a small spike in humidity level when water is poured on sauna stones.

Another great differentiator is the temperature in a dry sauna versus a steam sauna. A dry sauna is much hotter than a steam sauna, typically between 160 to 200 degrees Fahrenheit. A steam sauna or shower has a much lower temperature because of its high humidity level of 105 to 120 degrees, with the optimal heat being 110 to 115 degrees.

The Health Benefits of Using a Mr Steam Generator

Mr Steam generators come with a lot of health benefits. Now, you might think that dry saunas and steam saunas have the same health benefits, but they don’t. 

Here are some of the health benefits that a steam shower has to offer you:

Clearer Skin

If you are looking for clearer skin, look no further than Mr Steam generators for your steam shower. Steam showers help unclog pores and release trapped sebum, which is an oily substance that creates breakouts and inflammation. This is especially good for those with oily skin and acne trouble.

A steam shower also increases blood flow, which promotes the creation of collagen and elastin. This keeps your skin looking younger and wrinkle-free. Additionally, steam showers improve your skin’s permeability, which allows better absorption and efficacy of skincare products.

Improved Cardiovascular Health

A steam shower makes your heart pump faster, and this increases blood flow, which can help prevent cardiovascular diseases and other ailments like high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes.

Sinus Relief

Your sinuses can be a real pain in the butt, especially when you are sick or during the heat of allergy season. Did you know that a steam shower can relieve your sinuses more than over-the-counter medications like nasal sprays?

When you breathe in the hot, moist air created by a steam sauna, it moisturizes airways and thins mucus, which relieves sinus infections and nasal congestion. A steam sauna also relieves sinus-based illnesses like cold or flu symptoms. Essentially, steam showers are wonderful for respiratory health altogether.

Increased Weight Loss

Because of the heat and humidity, your body works extremely hard to get yourself back to your core temperature. This means you are burning calories and shedding a few extra pounds.

Aids With Joint Stiffness

We all have at least one trouble area where we experience pain and joint stiffness from living a sedentary lifestyle or working out too hard. The good news is a steam shower can help. 

Your blood vessels expand when your body acclimates to the steam sauna’s temperature. This process stimulates nutrient delivery and cleans out metabolic waste, alleviating inflammation and loosening stiff joints.

Steam showers also help with connective tissue flexibility. This gives you a better range of motion, reduces joint stress, and increases physical performance.

Reduced Stress

Who doesn’t have an overwhelming amount of stress in their life? Did you know that stress can lead to chronic health problems such as digestive issues, hypertension, heart complications, and even sexual dysfunction?

A steam shower allows your core temperature to increase, which allows your stress hormone, cortisol, to drop. This alleviates stress and anxiety. The heat in a steam shower also releases endorphins, allowing you to feel happier and more relaxed.

Better Workout Recovery

Did you ever have pain in your muscles after a long and strenuous workout? You aren’t the only one. Luckily for you, a steam sauna is known to help with DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness). Your increased blood circulation during a steam sauna session helps to deliver vital nutrients and oxygen to your musicals, which speeds up muscle recovery.

The Best Mr Steam Generators to Purchase

Now that you know why a steam shower is beneficial, let’s look at some of the amazing Mr Steam generators you can purchase for your at-home steam shower:

Mr Steam MS-E Series 15KW Steam Shower Generator

This particular model of steam shower generator is perfect for spaces that are 482 cubic feet, so this steam generator is a better option for a larger steam sauna space. 

The Mr Steam MS-E Series 15KW Steam Shower Generator also gives you the option to pick your steam shower control system to customize your steam shower experience.

Choose between the iTempo, iTempo Plus, iTempo Wireless Control, or the iSteamX Touch Screen Control. These options allow you to heat your steam room from a distance to the exact temperature you want, and they maintain that exact temperature throughout your entire steam sauna session.

You can choose a touchscreen or even wireless options to see when your steam sauna is ready for use throughout your house. Additionally, you can even download an app to your phone that allows you to control your steam generator away from home. This means you can heat up your steam room before you leave the office and hop right in the second you get home.

Mr Steam MS-E Series 5KW Steam Shower Generator

Now, if you are looking to convert your shower into a steam room, this is the best option for you as the Mr Steam MS-E Series 5KW Steam Shower Generator is perfect for spaces that are 71 adjusted cubic feet. 

Like the model above, you can choose your control station, including the iTempo, iTempo Plus, iTempo Wireless Control, or the iSteamX Touch Screen Control. This gives you all the convenience of a steam shower right at the tips of your fingers without needing to be directly next to your steam room. Not to mention, this generator only requires a super tiny space to install. Some location options include closets, vanities, and cabinets. 

Choosing a Mr Steam Generator

Now that you are an expert on Mr Steam generators, you can easily create the most optimal steam sauna for your home. Whether you want to gain clearer skin, loosen stiff joints, reduce your stress level, or simply create a steamy and relaxing haven in your bathroom, My Sauna World has the perfect Mr Steam generator for your needs.

Shop now to choose the right Mr Steam generator for your space and create the perfect steam sauna for your home today.