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Thermometer by Dundalk LeisureCraft

The Dundalk LeisureCraft cedar sauna accessory collection is a great add-on to your sauna. The stylish and functional design will blend with your traditional sauna.

Track Your Temperature

An effective sauna session is ALL about the temperature. If you want to be assured your sauna is at the temperature you want, then this stylish Dundalk thermometer is essential! The built-in hygrometer helps you keep track of the humidity levels for when you decide to enjoy a “wet” sauna (aka a steam sauna).

How to Use

You can place the thermometer near or above the sauna heater to measure the heater output, or further away to be assured hot air in the sauna is evenly distributed and ready for your sessions.

Customer Reviews

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Nice Cedar Sauna

It’s quality made wood and structure. But defiantly the instruction to put it together get one star. Why can’t such a big company hire a professional to write a good instruction and more importantly they label the million parts in the kit. The roof assembly the way they show it on the instruction is a bad idea. You got to start the pieces on the roof from one end. Other than that it is a beautiful sauna once we are finishes. One more thing the heater size for the 4’by 6’ sauna I have is too big. We have to cut part of the bench to be able to get the heater fit in one of the covers.

Hi Mandana, thank you so much for the review. We sincerely value your feedback and see this as an opportunity for us to be better. Rest assured that we will inform Dundalk about this so they can consider working on the sauna manual in the future. We are also glad to know that you resolved your concern about the bench and were able to install it and the heater. Please know that you can always reach out to us should you have concerns in the future. Thanks again, enjoy your sauna for many years!