Amba Sirio S-2942 Heated Towel Rack - My Sauna World
Amba Sirio S-2942 Heated Towel Rack - My Sauna World
Amba Sirio S-2942 Heated Towel Rack - My Sauna World
Amba Sirio S-2942 Heated Towel Rack - My Sauna World
Amba Sirio S-2942 Heated Towel Rack - My Sauna World
Amba Sirio S-2942 Heated Towel Rack - My Sauna World


Amba Sirio S-2942 Heated Towel Rack

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Type:S-2942 Polished

Sirio S-2942 Heated Towel Rack by Amba


  • Suitable for 2-3 full-size towels (folded)
  • Use Digital Heat Controller to choose between 9 different heat output levels
  • Unit is hardwired (requires an electrician to install)
  • Designed to be on continuously (energy efficient design)
  • Heats with an internal cable

Since 2004 Amba Products has been bringing luxury within your reach. They are the pioneer in introducing affordable, stylish heated towel racks. For more than ten years Amba has exceeded the expectations of many customers as each of their towel racks are energy efficient, made from high grade 304 stainless steel and available in both hardwired and plugin configuration. Not to add, their innovative design is a perfect addition to your home.

Benefits and Features:

Classic Design

  • Amba Products will never go out of style with its classic round liquid-filled bars design.

A wide variety of choices

  • Worried about the space you have? Amba offers a wide selection of sizes with its straight or gently curved horizontal bars option.
  • It also comes with 4 different finishes to match your home’s style. It has polished and brushed stainless steel, oil rubbed bronze, and white.
  • The greatest about these choices? No matter what you choose - all have the same price.

Energy Efficient

  • Realizing the economic needs of its consumers, Amba Products has an Italian automatic thermostat that self-regulate to maintain the ideal internal temperature range and reduce power consumption.
  • This feature ensures optimum operating temperatures and minimal power consumption without any user input.
  • The ANTUS, ELORY, QUADRO, SIRIO & VEGA models come equipped with the Digital Heat Controller (except the Quadro Q 2016 and Sirio S2121).
  • The Digital Heat Controller allows the user to adjust the unit within 9 settings, with level 9 being the highest. If the towel warmer is going to be turned on continuously with a towel, we recommend setting it on no higher than level 7. If you have it on a programmable timer for only a couple hours at a time, any setting can be used. The programmable timer will also help reduce power consumption.

Safety at all times

  • Amba’s heated towel rack collection is designed with two safety cutouts: Once the unit reached 158°f, the unit automatically shuts off until it cools within the allowed temperature range and if the unit reached 242°f, its heating element deactivates completely.
  • The towel racks are UL-certified and IPX5 rated for use in the USA and Canada and approved for installation around water sources and above bathtubs.

Reliable Performance

  • Amba’s heated towel racks take between 30 to 45 minutes to reach optimum temperature. It also comes with a 10-year limited warranty.



32 7/16"


44 5/8"


4″ – 4 3/4″

Cross Bars:



296 Watts







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