Dundalk Leisure Craft Outdoor Red Cedar Kota Sauna

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Outdoor Kota Sauna by Dundalk Leisure Craft 

If you are looking for appeal then the Outdoor Kota Sauna by Dundalk Leisure Craft is definitely for you.  From the material used to its hexagon shape, this sauna will be a beautiful addition to any backyard.

Product Highlights of Outdoor Kota Sauna by Dundalk Leisure Craft:

  • It has easy to access high benches that are made for sitting down during the sauna
  • Handcrafted and easy to assemble kits built with quality Canadian Red Cedar.
  • Triple layer roof is standard and consists of inside cedar, ice and water shield and your choice of exterior.
  • Bronze tempered full height glass in the sauna door with solid wood handles and magnetic closure.
  • All Kota Saunas feature a bottom step and upper-level bench made with clear red cedar.