SaunaLife Model E6 Sauna Barrel
SaunaLife Model E6 Sauna Barrel
SaunaLife Model E6 Sauna Barrel
SaunaLife Model E6 Sauna Barrel
SaunaLife Model E6 Sauna Barrel
SaunaLife Model E6 Sauna Barrel
SaunaLife Model E6 Sauna Barrel
SaunaLife Model E6 Sauna Barrel
SaunaLife Model E6 Sauna Barrel
SaunaLife Model E6 3 Person Barrel Sauna
SaunaLife Model E6 Sauna Barrel


SaunaLife Model E6 3 Person Barrel Sauna

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SaunaLife Model E6 3 Person Barrel Sauna

Introducing the Model E6 Sauna Barrel

Step into the ultimate relaxation experience with the 3-person SaunaLife ERGO-Series E6 Outdoor sauna barrel. Crafted by sauna enthusiasts, it's designed to blend comfort, durability, and aesthetics seamlessly.

Comfort is Key

Comfort is key in any sauna experience. The ERGO Series takes this seriously, offering a spacious interior with a 6’5” height, ensuring ample headroom and comfortable seating. Its large diameter allows for ergonomically contoured benches and a generous backrest, providing true lumbar support. Made from knot-free Thermo-Aspen, the seating material is not only smooth but designed to accommodate various body sizes with ease.

Durability Meets Sustainability

Durability is a hallmark of the SaunaLife barrel. Constructed from Thermo-Spruce, it lasts up to twice as long as Cedar wood, making it a sustainable and long-lasting choice. With industry-leading 1.65” thick full-length staves, it offers exceptional thermal resistance, while the 1.1” thick Thermo-Aspen benches ensure longevity and comfort.

Innovation at its Core

Innovation meets simplicity in the ERGO-Series. Featuring stainless steel barrel bands and a watertight shingle kit, it's built to withstand the elements while providing excellent rainwater management. Dual floor drains ensure easy maintenance and stability, even if the barrel shifts.

Illuminate Your Experience

Illuminate your sauna experience with low-voltage LED lighting, both inside and out. SaunaLife's white LED lighting system, controllable via Wi-Fi app or handheld remote, provides an enchanting glow, perfect for setting the mood. For added ambiance, consider the E Sconce+ Package or the E MOOD Lighting Package for a range of color effects.

Beauty Meets Function

Beauty meets function in the Model E6. Crafted from Nordic Spruce and Thermo-Aspen, it exudes rustic charm while accentuating the natural beauty of the wood. A complimentary bottle of paraffin oil helps preserve its luster, ensuring your sauna remains a stunning addition to your outdoor oasis.

Designed for Wellness

Designed by SaunaLife and crafted in Northern Europe, the Model E6 brings the tradition of sauna bathing to your backyard. Embrace wellness and relaxation with every session and truly Live the SaunaLife!


Model E6 Sauna Barrel

  • Thermo-Spruce materials (lasts up to 2X longer than Cedar)
  • Designed for ergonomic sauna bathing experiences
  • Spacious 6’-5” interior height
  • Engineered for simple DIY installation (1-day, 2-persons)
  • Industry-leading wall, bench, and backrest material thicknesses
  • Superior thermal resistance (R-value)  
  • Curved Thermo-Aspen benches for bather comfort
  • Premium arched backrest for all body sizes
  • Dual floor drains for effective water elimination
  • Black shingle roof kit for weather-tight installation
  • Roof drip edge for rainwater management
  • Tempered bronze glass (5/16” thick)
  • Enhanced bathing ambiance with E SCONCE+ and E MOOD lighting upgrades
  • Heavy-duty stainless steel barrel bands (1-7/8” wide x 1/8” thick)
  • Paraffin oil is provided to enrich and preserve sauna barrel luster
  • Extra Thermo-Spruce staves to ensure success (2)
  • Sauna heater guard
  • Intake and exhaust air vents
  • Exterior dimensions - 59” long and 81” diameter
  • Interior dimensions - 51” long and 77” diameter
  • Up to 3 bathers
  • Designed by SaunaLife and handcrafted in  Northern Europe

Thermo-Spruce Barrel Sauna Advantages

  • Lasts up to 2X longer than Cedar
  • Superior thermal resistance (R-value)
  • Eco-friendly
  • Chemical-free
  • Golden color
  • Ideal sauna use (stable)
  • Rustic tight knot charm

White LED Light Bar System with Wi-Fi App

  • Dottless white glowing LED lighting
  • Wi-Fi, app-based operation capability
  • Wireless handheld remote (IP20) and control mounting cradle
  • Water and heat rated LED and wire connections (IP67)
  • Flush or articulating mounting clips to set the ideal scene
  • Low voltage (24-volt DC) operation for bathing safety
  • 30’ light cable (IP67) to suit all installation applications


Model E6 Sauna Barrel

  • Full-length Thermo-Spruce staves (1.65” thick)
  • Benches of Thermo-Aspen (1.1” bench tops, no knots)
  • Backrest of Thermo-Aspen (1.1” rests, no knots)
  • Tempered bronze glass door
  • Stainless steel barrel bands
  • Black roof shingle kit
  • Spruce cradles
  • Spruce fascia boards
  • Air intake and exhaust vents
  • Extra staves (2)
  • Fastener kit
  • Paraffin oil, 16.9 oz bottle (500ml)
  • Installation instructions

White LED Light Bar System with Wi-Fi App

  • White LED light bar (1)
  • Wi-Fi, app-based operation
  • Wireless handheld remote & mounting cradle
  • 90W power supply
  • Driver
  • 30’ light cable
  • Mounting clips, articulating (3) 
  • Mounting clips, flush (3)
  • Installation instructions


Model Model E6
Barrel Material: Thermo-Spruce

Bench & Backrest Material:

Interior Dimensions: 51"L x 77"Diameter
Exterior Dimensions: 59"L x 81"Diameter
Bench Depth: 17.8"
Stave Thickness: 1.65"
Glass Thickness: 5/16"
Shipping Dimensions: 80"L x 44"W x 34"H
Weight: 1103 lbs
Operating Voltage: 24VDC
Wattage: 11.32W
Connection Type: IP67 Twist Lock 2 Pin
IP Rating: IP67
Certification: cETLus/SGS/TUV
Power Supply:
Input Voltage: 120VAC
Output Voltage: 24VDC
Rated Power: 90W
Certification: UL, CE, FCC



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