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Golden Designs Saunas

Radiant and Precise Heat

Golden Designs saunas are infrared saunas, which are a sauna type that has been gaining prominence over the last few years. Infrared saunas are a much more accessible sauna type than the traditional variants. Especially with those who have asthma or can’t stand the higher temperatures of traditional saunas.

Instead of heating up the entire interior of the sauna, infrared heating directly heats you up. This means the heat penetrates deeper into your tissue and skin without the need for the sauna to reach abnormally high temperatures.

Cabinet-like Elegance

What sets apart Golden Designs saunas is the elegant cabinet-like design that many of their options have. They wouldn’t look out of place in a storybook and certainly not your home. For many of their exteriors, natural hemlock wood was used.

It’s a rich wood type that has a wonderful surface free of knots and streaks. For additional features, some Golden Designs saunas in our collection have a built-in sound system with Bluetooth capabilities!

A Clearer Complexion

As mentioned before, infrared saunas offer deeper tissue penetration than any other sauna type. This deep tissue penetration increases your blood flow and induces heavy sweating, which helps push toxins out of your body. 

These two effects, in conjunction, bring about healthier-looking skin and improved complexion. You can get radiant-looking skin, and all it’ll require is a few sessions each week in a Golden Designs sauna.

Golden Designs has an Infrared Sauna for You

Our Golden Designs saunas collection is extensive, the same can be said for any of the other collections on our list. In case you need a helping hand, why not spend a couple of minutes completing our sauna quiz?

Our short quiz will let you know exactly what sauna is best for you. Additionally, for a more in-depth walkthrough of our Golden Designs saunas collection, check out our buyer’s guide.