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  • Almost Heaven Allegheny

    The Allegheny Sauna is designed for exceptional performance in any climate year-round. The peaked roof can handle a substantial snow load, and the front porch area serves as a place to cool off between sauna rounds. The Allegheny comes from Finland, the birthplace of authentic sauna culture, and represents a time-honored practice to the fullest.

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    Read about our flatbed shipping policy here Note: Saunas that ship flatbed are the Allegheny Sauna, the Shenandoah Barrel Sauna, the Blue Ridge Cabin Sauna, and the Solide Cottages I & II.

    Design and Materials

    Harvia, the Finnish sauna experts, are responsible for the existence of the Allegheny Sauna, a high-performance sauna in keeping with pure and simple authentic sauna tradition. It boasts multi-level seating for up to six individuals on the inside and a front porch area for cooling off between rounds on the outside. Two individuals can easily assemble the Allegheny over the course of a weekend, positioning it on any flat and firm surface. This unit is easy to maintain too. Simply sweep out the interior, wipe down the benches, and check the stones for cracking periodically.

    Highlighted Features

    Almost Heaven Allegheny capacity is perfect for hosting a few others or when you want an extra-luxurious solo getaway.

    A tempered glass door provides an attractive entrance with plenty of natural light.

    The interior dimension provides enough space without compromising comfort.

    Full-length upper bench back supports, 2 benches for multi-level seating allow users to enjoy easy conversation while they rejuvenate their tired bodies.

    Thick pre-cut and notched timber sections that earn it an Almost Heaven Lifetime Warranty

    Stainless steel hinges, heater, and fasteners support the integrity and durability of the sauna while adding sophistication.

    It has a Harvia 8.0KW, 220v stainless steel heater from Harvia, the world leader in sauna heaters.

    This sauna can heat up the room to about 190 - 195F in less than an hour.

    It includes Harvia Woodburning Sauna Heater Chimney Installation Kit