Harvia Cilindro Series 8kW Sauna Heater Package
Harvia Cilindro Series 8kW Sauna Heater Package
Harvia Cilindro Series 8kW Sauna Heater Package


Harvia Cilindro Series 8kW Sauna Heater Package

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Harvia Cilindro Series 8kW Sauna Heater Package

Harvia Cilindro Series 8kW Sauna Heater

The Harvia Cilindro Series 8kW Sauna Heater Package offers a blend of sleek design and powerful performance for sauna enthusiasts. With its impressive heating capabilities, this package is engineered to deliver an exceptional sauna experience. Ideal for those seeking to enhance their sauna with a modern and efficient heater, the Cilindro Series promises to transform your sauna sessions into a sanctuary of pure relaxation.

Powerful and Efficient Heating

The Harvia Cilindro 8kW heater is the centerpiece of this package, designed to heat your sauna quickly and evenly. Its substantial power output is perfect for medium to large sauna rooms, providing a warm embrace that permeates the space for a truly immersive experience. The Cilindro's efficiency means less waiting and more time enjoying the benefits of your sauna.

Modern Scandinavian Design

True to its Finnish roots, the Cilindro heater showcases a minimalist and contemporary aesthetic that complements any sauna interior. Its cylindrical shape not only serves as a stylish focal point but also maximizes the distribution of heat, ensuring that every corner of the sauna is enveloped in comforting warmth. The Cilindro heater is a testament to Harvia's commitment to combining form with function.

Tailored to Your Space

The Harvia Cilindro Series is designed for versatility, allowing for both a traditional wall-mounted setup or a freestanding installation with an optional separate mounting stand. This flexibility ensures that the heater can be integrated seamlessly into your sauna, regardless of the layout or design.

Finnish Quality: Durability and Safety

Crafted with the renowned quality of Harvia's Finnish engineering, the Cilindro 8kW heater is built to last. Durable materials and a robust construction provide peace of mind, ensuring that your heater will remain a reliable source of heat. Safety features are embedded in the design, so you can relax in the knowledge that your sauna heater is as safe as it is effective.


  • Side-wall or corner of room install
  • Stainless Stee construction
  • 8kW
  • For sauna rooms from 141 to 431 cu. ft.
  • Requires a minimum of 200lbs of stones (5 box-AC3000)
    • Please note that each natural stone is unique in shape and size. We recommend purchasing an additional box of sauna stones to allow you to choose the highest quality of stone for fit, form, and function (Additional freight charges will apply). 
  • Stainless Steel elements
  • Direct rock-to-heating element contact
  • Industrial grade, serviceable heating elements
  • Designed, engineered, and made in Finland
  • Dimensions: 14"W (355mm) x 13"D (330mm) x 40"H (1016mm)


  • Harvia Cilindro PC80E
  • Harvia Xenio CX45
  • Harvia Xenio WiFi Remote Control
  • 5 Boxes of Sauna Stones
  • Harvia HPC4 Safety Railing


Model Cilindro PC80E
Kilowatt Rating (KW) 8 KW
Primary Fuel Electric
Minimum Adjusted Cubic Feet 141
Maximum Adjusted Cubic Feet 431
Voltage 240
Phase 1
Nominal Amps 33.4 Amps
Heater Weight 37.5 lbs
Shipping Weight with Sauna Stones 257.5 lbs
Width In Inches 14" (355mm)
Depth In Inches 13" (330mm)
Height In Inches 40" (1016mm)


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