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Shopping for a sauna can be tough. From finding the right size and price point, to knowing what you need for assembly, the decisions can feel endless. That’s why we bring together the best brands, best deals, and best customer support so you can feel confident you're making the best choice for you

Electric, Propane, Wood-burning

Sauna Heater Types

With almost every traditional sauna, you have your choice of heater: electric, wood-burning, or propane/gas. Each stove option is an efficient and powerful heat source, and works by warming sauna rocks which then move heat through the space. Each style of stove is safe to use with water to create steam. Where they differ is in the installation and start-up. 

Types of Saunas

Indoor vs. Outdoor

Want a sauna just a few steps from the shower? Or maybe you prefer a sauna outside, next to the garden? Whatever model or size you want, as long as it fits in your space, we have an indoor or outdoor sauna for you. Most saunas designated as “indoors” must be used indoors, since they aren’t constructed for harsh weather. But any sauna designated as “outdoor” has the flexibility to be used indoors – so long as it uses an electric heater. Learn more by clicking the button below.

Types of Wood

Wood Sauna Overview

All saunas offered on this website – whether they are wood burning, indoor, or infrared – are constructed of premium softwoods, each one chosen for its suitability as a sauna wood. No matter which wood type you choose, from Fir to Cedar to Spruce and more, you can trust that it is heat-resistant, moisture-resistant and has been inspected and graded to ensure highest quality and durability. Click the button below to learn more about the different wood types available.

Unique Saunas

Sauna Shapes

Choosing your sauna shape might be one of the most fun parts of shopping for your very own sauna. From classic cabin-shaped saunas and the popular barrel shape (known for superior heat efficiency) to a range of uniquely tapered, angled, and corner models, you’re sure to find a sauna shape that speaks to you. Discover all the different types of sauna shapes we offer by clicking the button below.

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Imagine having your very own spa retreat where you could relax, rewind, and relieve the pressures and stresses of daily life anytime you wanted.

We can help make that dream a reality.  As an authorized retailer of the world’s leading sauna brands, we’re able to offer you a convenient one-stop shop of gorgeous, handcrafted sauna rooms, steam showers, heated towel racks, and more, so you can easily bring the authentic sauna experience right to your home.

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