Traditional Saunas

Traditional Saunas

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There are many kinds of saunas to choose from, and keeping track of what’s out there can be difficult. However, with a traditional sauna, you’ll know exactly what you are getting: a heat therapy space, often made of wood, that uses dry heat (and occasionally steam!) to induce relaxation.

Traditional saunas can be split into two categories: electric and wood burning. Electric saunas use electric components to produce heat, and wood-burning saunas rely on wood-burning stoves.

If you aren’t sure what to get but know you need a space to stay relaxed and care for your health, then consider our three-minute sauna quiz. It’ll let you know which sauna is perfect for your needs. 

Let’s dive into more information about traditional saunas and learn all of the ins and outs of both types.

An Explanation About Traditional Saunas

Traditional saunas first sprouted up across northern Europe around 2,000 BC in Northern European countries with cold climates like Finland, Russia, Estonia, and Latvia, where people made fires in caves. When extinguishing the fires, the hot stones would warm the cave for a decent amount of time.

Saunas have endured ever since and have managed to become a staple of self-care and mental growth. Nowadays, you can find saunas built in the traditional style and offered with modern conveniences like easy assembly, light therapy, electric stoves, aromatherapy, and more. 

Today, sauna makers still use this blueprint when making new saunas to add to their collections. The main types of saunas are electric and wood-burning saunas. You might not think there are a ton of differences between these traditional saunas, but there are some key differences between the two. 

Rather than completely reinventing the wheel, we took what worked from this time-tested design and improved upon what was inefficient or obsolete. All this tinkering resulted in a traditional sauna collection with plenty of options capable of delivering the perfect relaxation experience in your home.

Each sauna is built with wood that won’t warp or crack due to the high temperatures or humidity. Any traditional sauna for sale here was made to be a lasting addition to your home. Now, let’s explore the major differences between the two traditional sauna types.

Saunas With Wood-Burning Stoves

If you are looking for a sauna with the ultimate rustic and traditional feel, then a sauna with a wood-burning stove is the option for you. Wood-burning stoves have been used since the creation of saunas in Finland.

Pros of Wood-Burning Heaters

With a traditional wood-burning stove, your sauna will have all the ambiance you are looking for in a sauna experience. You will get the sound of crackling fire and the smells of burning wood. Many sauna enthusiasts look for these key things when researching traditional saunas for sale.

A major advantage of wood-fired stoves is that you won’t rack up a high electric bill when using your sauna. The only cost of the entire operation is the firewood, which is pretty cheap. In fact, there isn’t as much maintenance with a wood-burning stove as you don’t need to check if the heater is properly wired or working up to snuff. All you have to do is clean out the ash after every use and wipe it down so it is clean.

You can set up your wood-burning stove anywhere in your backyard as long there is enough space for your sauna to fit. You don’t need a power hook-up whatsoever.

Cons of Wood-Burning Heaters

The thing about wood-burning saunas is that they can only be used outdoors. Typically, a wood-burning sauna must have a chimney kit installed on it so all of the smog, soot, and debris has a place to go. If you are looking for an indoor sauna, then an electric stove is the way to go.

Another thing to be mindful of with wood-burning stoves is that the heat-up time is typically a little longer than an electric model, and it is hard to pinpoint the exact temperature of your sauna unless you have a heat-resistant thermometer with you inside your sauna. However, the more you get accustomed to your wood-fired stove, the easier it will be to control the temperature.

Saunas With Electric Stoves

If convenience is king for you, then an electric heater is the way you should go. Although an electric stove isn’t as traditional as a wood-burning heater, there are still a ton of advantages to these types of saunas.

Pros of Electric Heaters

An electric heater is extremely convenient because you can install an app to your smart device and start heating your sauna from anywhere at any time. After a long day at the office, you can program your sauna to heat up while you are commuting home, and as soon as you step through the door, you can jump into your perfectly heated sauna.

Speaking of heating, another major advantage of an electric heater is the heat-up time. An electric heater typically heats up faster than a wood-burning stove as it will hit its desired temperature in 45 minutes or less instead of a wood-burning heater, which might take over an hour.

It is also way easier to control the temperature of your sauna as you can program your desired temperature, and your heater will keep your sauna at that exact temperature during the entire duration of your sauna session.

You don’t have to clean out the ash and soot associated with a wood-burning stove either. All you really have to do is wipe down the floor and benches, and you are good to go. Also, these saunas can be placed anywhere — indoors or outdoors.

Cons of Electric Heaters

Although your sauna session is incredibly convenient, you won’t get as much of that rustic feel a wood-burning sauna will get. This is not to say you won’t have any ambiance at all; you just won’t get the sights and smells of fire and wood.

Another thing to be mindful of is maintenance of your overall electric heater, meaning you have to QC and ensure your electric heater is working properly every so often. If it isn’t, it could get expensive to get it fixed. Also, because more upgrades are available for electric heaters, this could also add up expense-wise.

The Best Traditional Saunas For Sale

Here are some of our favorite traditional saunas you can purchase:

Almost Heaven Pinnacle 4-Person Standard Barrell Sauna

What is there to say about any Almost Heaven sauna that doesn’t already speak for itself? Almost Heaven saunas are some of the best brands of saunas you can find, and the Almost Heaven Pinnacle 4-Person Standard Barrell Sauna is one of the most popular models of its entire collection.

Many customizations are available, including the type of wood it is crafted from, including white fir, rustic cedar, thermally modified hemlock, and onyx upgrade. Additionally, you can choose which heater you would like from Harvia and HUUM — two of the best brands available.

This indoor electric sauna has even more customizations available, too, like if you want to upgrade to a Himalayan salt wall, add windows, or include accessories like chromotherapy lighting and essential oils.

Dundalk Leisure Craft Clear Cedar Pod Sauna

Dundalk is another wonderful and popular brand for purchasing a traditional sauna, and the Dundalk Leisurecraft Cedar Pod Sauna is one of the best wood-burning models it offers.

When it comes to this sauna, it is all about upgrades and customizations. Some upgrades you can choose from include adding a changing room and porch, selecting your bench layout, choosing what kinds and how many windows you would like, including glass doors, and adding on accessories like a bucket and ladle. 

Not to mention, you can select how large your sauna is depending on whether you want a smaller, more intimate experience or if you like to socialize with friends and family.

This sauna has all the ambiance a sauna connoisseur is looking for, as it has a wood-burning stove and is made to last the elements because it is crafted from durable clear cedar.

Find Your Inner Peace With a Traditional Sauna for Sale

Now that you know about both types of traditional saunas for sale, you can check any available sauna in My Sauna World’s collection. Whatever you pick, you’ll end up with a home sauna that respects its roots and keeps the user in mind with all of its upgrades and customizations. 

Whether you like a more rustic wood-burning stove or a convenient electric heater, we have the perfect sauna to fit your needs in our collection of traditional saunas.

It’s the perfect marriage of traditional design and modern innovation. If you would like to learn more about our traditional saunas, visit our website and shop all of our excellent, traditional saunas for sale.